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The Wonderful Aroma of Bluebells

It was going to be wet and windy, at least to begin with, on Food Town Day, so Rogan needed some kind of shelter to set his home baking stall under. Fortunately we’d bought a gazebo last year (see He's At It Again).

Unfortunately, the main street in Castle Douglas isn’t made of grass and mud, so it could not be pegged to the ground.

And once we’d put up a sheet on the west side to stop the horizontal rain coming in, the entire thing acted like a sail in the wind and was desperate to fly away.

The stones we’d carried from the garden to tie the guy ropes to proved woefully inadequate, especially as we couldn’t put them out at an angle for fear of tripping up pedestrians.

With visions of having to stand there all day holding the gazebo in place while Rogan sold his cakes, cookies and scones, I was relieved to suddenly notice a couple of brackets on the wall of the shop we were pitched outside and I was able to lash the gazebo to them.

Half an hour later, the rain stopped and the wind died back and Rogan did a roaring trade. In just over 2 hours he sold his entire stock.

In about 3 weeks Rogan turns 14 and already has a better understanding of business than I did when I was 35.

Meanwhile, Maggie was coping with visitors to the studio for the 3 days of Spring Fling – the Artist & Maker’s Open Studio Event (see last post). This year Maggie had over 550 visitors - considerably up from the 320ish last year.

Not only did this result in more sales and more sign-ups to the Newsletter, but Maggie received a great deal of wonderful feedback. There were plenty of people who had come back from last year and others who had specifically sought her out – large stars scribbled in red biro next to her entry in the Spring Fling Brochure. Some had come from quite far afield just to see her and her artwork.

But far more than sales, newsletter sign-ups and visitor numbers, the most wonderful thing is Maggie is beginning to suspect that perhaps, maybe, it could be conceivable that some people might actually like her work. Possibly.


debra said...

We've used a canopy like your when we've traveled to art shows. PVC pipes filled with sand and capped on both ends make good (easy and cheap, too) weights.

So glad Maggie had a good open studio day. Her work is lovely.

And if I were closer, I'd be ordering Rogan's bakery.

Pat said...

Yay for Rogan!
The wind must have been a nightmare. Someone up there must like him.
So glad Maggie is beginning to believe in her talent. Why is it the nicest people are the last to realise it?
Enjoy your bluebells

Charlie said...

A talented family, Kim, no two ways about it.

And you should be planning your own stall for the fall or next spring . . .

hope said...

Nice to see a family who can depend on each other. :)

So when you weren't being a cheerleader and pack mule,how'd YOU do this weekend? ;)

Layla said...

Hi Kim,
I'm really pleased that everything went so well at the weekend and that's great about the Spring Fling.
Reading about Rogan's cake stall has put me in the mood for making a cake, so I think I'll make one tomorrow as I'v finally got my course work out the way.Woo-hoo!
PS I had to give a link to an example of a blog for one of the questions, so I linked to your one. I hope that's OK!

Kanani said...

He's really coming along well, Kim. I'm glad to see him enjoying making money at this age, and putting commerce together with saving for something he wants for the future.

CJ said...

Do you guys ever just REST? Your family is so busy...but then again, what would you blog about if you WEREN'T so busy??

Mary Witzl said...

Great news, Kim, for both Maggie and Rogan! (Is he selling for another ski trip, by the way, or pocket money? Whichever it is, I'll bet it's welcome...)

And I hope that Maggie has made some good sales this year: she deserves to!

savannah said...

i'm late to this post, but i am glad everything went well for maggie & rogan! all the best for you and yours, sugar! xoxox

Kim Ayres said...

Debra - I did see some tied to heavy water cannisters too - we just didn't have anything to hand at the time

Pat - the bluebells are lovely :)

Charlie - I'll just take the photos - I don't have the energy for running a stall :)

Hope - Once Rogan and Maggie were settled I had a great time. On Sunday I took Meg with me out to visit some of the other artists I wanted to see, and on Monday I went off to see a few artists and makers I knew personally. Beautiful weather, wonderful driving and a superb aroma of bluebells on some of the country lanes :)

Layla - Coursework out the way?- Woohoo! And yes, Mum and Rogan are both happy with the way the weekend went. Is my blog a good one to link to as an example? Let's hope you don't lose any marks for it...

Kanani - He'll be winning Young Entrepreneur of the Year before long...

DLTF - This last couple of months has been very hectic. Actually I think I creat better blogs when we're not so busy - gives me time to craft them a bit better

Mary - Rogan's got his eye on a school trip to Stratford to the Globe Theatre this Autumn. And Maggie was delighted she had returning buyers this year - which is about as positive as it gets :)

Savannah - thank you :)

Anonymous said...

you must be very proud of your family

mapstew said...

What a creative lot ye are. Good on ya.

Went for a walk in the forest at the weekend and the bluebells were glorious.

hope said...

Odd question, but here goes. [You know my curiosity won't be happy until it at least inquires].

What do Bluebells smell like? Don't think I've ever come in contact with any.

sarah said...

i am pleased as punch to hear everything is going so well.

Kim Ayres said...

NurseMyra - I love them more than life :)

Mapstew - is Ireland still a place where artists live tax free?

Hope - and it's an impossible question to answer - delicate aroma which smells of bluebells. You try explaining, for example what a banana smells and tastes like to someone who's never experienced one :)

Sarah - it's been a good week. One of the best in what feels like a long, long time. I could do with more times like this :)

mapstew said...

Doesn't include me unfortunately.

Kim Ayres said...

Thanks for the link - who knows - maybe one day :)

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