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Spring Fling is over

Saturday 24th May
One wonders whether the kitchen will ever recover. Every available surface is covered with pots, pans, trays, bowls and assorted cutting, mixing and spreading devices. A thin layer of cocoa powder and icing sugar coats all. The kitchen sink is but a distant memory. One can only hope at some distant point in the future we will look back on this time and laugh with gaiety.

On a more positive note, the fruit of my loins and bearer of the family name was successful in his endeavour to raise financial contributions to his travel fund by selling everything on his stall within a couple of hours. However, if he pays as little attention to his accounting system as he does to his domestic chores, there is no hope for any of us.

Meanwhile the love of my life has been taking ladies and gentlemen aplenty into her studio, sometimes singly, often in pairs or small groups and exposing her wares to them. Much laughter and noises of appreciation have echoed down the hall. On occasion I have been called to supply her with refreshments to help keep her strength up.

I am just going outside and may be some time…

Extract from: Aristotle and the Hare: A Gentleman’s Journey

So, yes, an intense and busy weekend as my son created and sold out of scones, cookies and slices of cake by 1.30pm at the Castle Douglas Food Town Day. I was able to sample one of his cookies, although I had to pay 25p for it and wasn’t given any kind of family discount, despite doing the big, sad, pleading eyes.

And Spring Fling was a great success for Maggie. Over the three days we had in excess of 320 people though the door, made several sales and had quite a few sign-ups to her online newsletter.

Her studio looked great, but the price paid in order to create the illusion of serene tranquillity and space has been the rest of the house is now full to the brim with boxes, shelving units and large quantities of materials, threads and art-making equipment.

I took a dozen photos in a circle around Maggie’s studio and sort of joined them together into one large picture. Do click on the image below to see in more detail how her room looked.

Special thanks go out to Eryl and Mary who both came along to show support, and also bought various baked items from Rogan.


Carole said...

It sounds like you are all alive and that is a good thing. 320 visitors for Maggie is a great thing. The studio looked did look serene and peaceful.

In Rogan's defense, he probably used sad pleading eyes with you a time or two, and it didn't help his cause. Just repaying the favor.

Congrats to you all. Sounds like a complete family success.

amy flege said...

so glad to hear it was such a great success for you all, except your poor kitchen.. sounds like it needs a vacation now!

problemchildbride said...

Well done y'all!

It's lovely to see the pieces in a room. It looked great. And that is one gorgeous wee fireplace there!

Layla G said...

Im so pleased that it went so well for Mum and Rogan. That must have worked really hard!I bet Rogan gets alot of orders for cakes now.

Oh yes, I'm the new playgroup treasurer.That is a huge resposibility by the way and great experience if I ever want to do accounting. hey, maybe one day I could be Mum and Rogans accountant!

Eryl Shields said...

I feel so privileged to not actually have to click on the photos for a better view, having been in the actual studio and seen it in 3D.

BTW, I'm still recovering from finding softly yielding chunks of chocolate in the scones we bought from Rogan: why didn't I think of that?

debra said...

I read about the Spring Fling on Eryl's site and followed the links to both Rogan and Maggie's sites. His cakes are glorious---too bad Ohio is so far, and Maggie's work is luminous and inspiring. Give them (and yourself) a pat on the back, and my thanks for sharing.

Kim Ayres said...

Carole - It was an intense weekend and we're now coping with the emotional comedown

Amy - The kitchen could spend quite some time in recovery...

Sam - I'd quite forgotten there was a fireplace there,until we'd shifted about 3/4 of the stuff out of Maggie's room

Layla - Rogan's already got 2 more orders - he's doing well.

Congrats on the treasurer post! And someone who know how to do accounts is always useful :)

Eryl - thank you for coming along and showing your support. And I'll let Rogan know you enjoyed the scones :)

Debra - thank you for taking the time to visit and comment on my blog :)

savannah said...

how fantastic! what a grand studio maggie has - congratulations to all ya'll, sugar!


one day, i hope, the MITM and i can visit and get a chance to see everything and everyone in person! :-)

Kanani said...

What a super weekend! Yes, he's done a very good job making some money. Nice to see he has the initiative to do something like this! Many kids wouldn't have!

All in all Kim, it sounds as though things are shaping up nicely for summer!

Mary Witzl said...

320 visitors -- whoooee! Good for Maggie (and you!) and how great that she made some good sales.

My kids don't pay any mind to my sad pleading looks either. But Carole is right: they've acquired their cynical attitudes at the feet of a master.

By the way, that cake was great! The last crumb was devoured yesterday. And the strawberries barely made it home in the car.

Stella said...

Sounds like it was a great success! How's the kitchen doing?

Kim Ayres said...

Savannah - I look forward to that day :)

Kanani - I helped him set up his first bank account today. It felt a bit like a rite of passage

Mary - so glad you enjoyed the cake :)

Stella - sigh...

PI said...

What a lovely creative family you have - and why wouldn't you? You have the genes. The photo is wonderful. You must feel very proud. And exhausted.

Kim Ayres said...

Thank you Pat, and yes, I am :)

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