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Tooth progress

I am on the cancellation list, which means I might only get an hour’s notice of an available dental appointment. The future of my front tooth is now wholly dependent on the deaths of relatives, accidents and unforeseen circumstances of a whole bunch of complete strangers. I could make a regular appointment, but the current waiting list means I wouldn’t get seen at all before next January.




According to the dentist it’s a miracle that this crown hasn’t come out before, as it is completely unusable. Quite what this implies for the other 3 crowns on the top front row of my mouth doesn’t bear thinking about.

After a quick x-ray, it was established that at least the root looks OK, so I will need to have root canal treatment, then she will need to make a post, have a new crown built and fit it. Four or five sessions of treatment which could be spread over several months, and all the time I carry on looking like I’d win the duelling banjos competition by smiling at the judges.



fatmammycat said...

That's a joke right?

eg (scotland) said...

January - that's apalling. Write to your MSP and demand action! Otherwise, beg or bribe your dentist.

By the way, the pirate photo was very fetching. What's iz name in Priates of the Carribian (spelling!) will nedd to watch-out!


eg (scotland) said...

Ooooh - sorry. A couple of glasees of wine and my spelling and typing gop out the window!

See what I mean!!!!!!!!

And the word verification - well maybe I need new glasses!


Eryl Shields said...

Isn't root canal work meant to be unbearable agony? I might learn to love the new look if I were you. It's not so bad, you could grow your hair and start wearing eyeliner, maybe get a dog with string for a lead: turn it into a style.

Mine is a Gin said...

Don't listen! Root canal work is not unbearable. I've had a crown replaced, work which involved drilling in titanium posts to fit it all on with. It's not the most pleasant time I've spent, but nowhere near the Laurence Oliver/Dustin Hoffman scenario ERyl would have you believe.
But, January?!?!?!?!
I'll hope for an early cancellation for you!

Amy said...

Are you kidding? January? You should threaten to stand outside of the dentist's office everyday smiling telling other patients how happy you are with the work done there. I bet they would get you in sooner.

Fat Lazy Guy said...

Wow. Does everyone in Scotland have bad teeth this year? ;)

I hope you get an appointment soon.

Kim Ayres said...

Don't I just wish that January was a joke. When my dentist told me, my eyes widened and my face dropped. She just shrugged, saying that because of the waiting lists, that was just the way it was.

Putting me on cancellation watch was the only other option offered.

Carole said...

It seems that Tooth Progess would not be the best title for your post. Maybe something like "The Gap between April and January" or "Teeth Smeeth" Good luck and if you wear the eye patch, scarf, and earring on a regular basis, I don't think anyone will notice the tooth.

Shebah said...

Take a few days out and go to Poland on Ryanair - great dentists there, will do the job for you in a couple of days to a better standard that someone who spins it out over weeks to make money.

Dr Maroon said...

Good story kim. Why don't you tell them what really happened?

Great pirate picture! You suit the earring and bandana, your mandolin would have clinched the deal.

Pendullum said...

Suffering Succotash...

Kim Ayres said...

Carole - I was in shock, but next time I'll know exactly where to come when I need a new title :)

Shebah - but my dentist IS Polish!

Dr Maroon - unless and until you are prepared to return that gold filling, I'll hear no more on the matter from you.

Pendullum - you know I had to go and look up Succotash - it didn't ring any bells at all, and yet what do I find out? The catchphrase of Sylvester? I think the lisp had me confused

Archivalist said...

Root canals are indeed not the Torment of the Devil that some make them out to be. (Speaking as the son of a dentist. Non-Polish extraction.)

And there's nothing wrong with banjos.

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