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Jacquies Beauty

Jacquies Beauty is a salon in Dumfries offering a wide range of beauty treatments including facials, hair removal, nail care, toning treatments and many more girly things that, being a man, I didn't know existed.

Although having said that, apparently male grooming and treatments are a growing sector.

With an attention to detail and customer service, Jacquies Beauty has become a multi-award winning salon. And it was for the winning of the Guinot Crown Award for Excellence - for the 4th year in a row - I was asked to come and take a photo.

Jacquie had shown me a couple of basic press photos - everyone standing in a line with her holding the award - and felt they were uninspired. But with a press release deadline of only a few days away, there wasn't time for us to set up something like a trek out to a waterfall to photograph Jacquie washing her hair in it while her treatment therapists were dipping their feet in a pool of water.

Instead we set up inside the salon with Jacquie herself on one of the beds with the rest of the team around her.

Left to right: Jacquie, Karen, Iona, Hayley and Kerry

It's not uncommon in a situation such as this - where the boss is wanting a group shot - the team members all look distinctly uncomfortable and trying to get them to relax can be difficult. They are there because they feel they have little choice, and it shows.

However, to my delight and relief, on this occasion everyone was up for it. Banter was easy, smiles were unforced and the general atmosphere was one of playful fun rather than dutiful chore.

Rightly proud of her achievements, Jacquie also wanted an image of her holding the award aloft, and for this an outside shot was called for. Although the sun had disappeared by now, we went up onto the old Devorgilla Bridge, which crosses the River Nith, and photographed her with the lights of Dumfries behind her.


Guyana-Gyal said...

That's a classy photo, Kim.

Four years in a row! I'm impressed. But looking them, I can see why.

I wish I could look well-groomed. Sometimes.

Kim Ayres said...

Guyana-Gyal - thank you :)

The ungroomed are more interesting to photograph ;)

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