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No Bounce

As my arse was sinking deeper into the mattress and my knees were becoming level with my shoulders, I began to wonder whether memory-foam had been the best route to go.

After 9 days of waiting, and no less than 3 of them being damaged in delivery (and so having to be returned) our new memory-foam mattress finally arrived last week.

7 nights later and I’m still getting used to it.

We pondered for a long time about what kind of mattress to get, once we’d decided our lumpy, bumpy existing one was probably contributing to our poor sleeping patterns.

After extensive research (lots of Googling), and a recommendation from a friend, we decided we would go for a memory-foam one.

It’s quite different to a traditional sprung mattress. For one thing, it doesn’t bounce when you climb on it. Instead, it slowly moulds itself around you as you sink into it. And when you move position, it gently remoulds itself.

However, while it is certainly comfortable, my body has not yet got used to the lack of springs and for the first few nights I woke up every single time I turned over. Still, the last couple of nights haven’t been quite so bad, so I’m feeling a bit more hopeful.

Which is just as well, because once we’d unpacked it and were happy it wasn’t damaged, we took the old one straight to the dump. So if we change our minds, we’ll be sleeping on wooden slats for as long as it takes to get a new one...


Chocolatesa said...

I've been sleeping on one since last February and I love it. I had a lumpy old hard mattress before that too. I didn't have any problems adjusting to it though, probably because I had already been using a thin 3-inch memory foam pad on top of my old mattress already. My boyfriend can't sleep without it, his back gets wrecked on a normal mattress.

Ponita in Real Life said...

I've been using a foam mattress for about 6 years. Just purchased my second one this past spring (a major expense this time round), as the first was a cheap $299 one. But it lasted 5 years, so I can't complain about that!

I have major back issues and have great difficulty sleeping comfortably on a spring mattress. Which means a weekend at my boyfriend's does a number on my back. :-\

Give it some time, as it does take some getting used to not having springs help you move about. No pressure points with a foam mattress, which makes it worth its weight in gold, as far as I am concerned!

Eryl said...

My sister swears her memory foam mattress saved her back and her sanity. But I'm not sure I like the thought of bouncelessness.

Ruby said...

I have a friend in the biomedical (specifically artificial joint engineering) industry - advanced engineering degree from your own Oxford U - and she swears that we need to move as we sleep to keep our joints in good shape and therefore shouldn't be so comfortable that we don't move, or that moving would encounter so much resistance. I've slept on both and am not buying her bull. ;)

I hope you ultimately find yourself sleeping blissfully.

Anonymous said...

Memory foam seems to the way a lot of folks are sleeping these days! Hope it works out well for you!

katierobertsart said...

They are an odd thing aren't they kim? I kind of think they're too seductive and dont seem so supportive to me... mind you I am looking forward to the deep comfort when I go stay at my cousins in england who has one, actually I think one in every bedroom in the house, including the spare! Enjoy and surrender to it :)

Pat said...

It sounds divine but must take time to adjust from lumpy bumpy. I'm sure from what les autres have said it will come good.
I'd better stop before the lewd rhyming phrases leak out.

Anonymous said...

I have a regular mattress. Although I'm inclined to say considering I've been able to sleep a couple inches of foam on a hard floor nights on end I could sleep on pretty close to anything with no problem.

Anna van Schurman said...

Mine's a big 10". I love it so much it's hard to go away and sleep somewhere else. Add in the microplush fleece sheets and it's a wonder I get out of bed at all in the winter.

And Ruth's friend's premise is cock. I still move when I sleep; it's the bed doesn't.

Kim Ayres said...

Chocolatesa - your sentiments seem to echo what others have been telling us :)

Ponita - sounds like you'll have to have your boyfriend round to stay at your place more often then :)

Eryl - I guess it depends how much you like to use your bed as a trampoline. If you're one of those who loves bouncing up and down on it, then I guess memory foam wouldn't be for you

Ruth - I think your friend might be misinterpreting what memory foam is - it doesn't lock you in place

Theanne & Baron - I hope so too. Thank you :)

Katie - one in every room? Clearly you are related to people with money... ;)

Pat - oh Pat - never stop before the lewd rhyming phrases leak out ;)

Allen - I envy you!

Anna - 10" is not too much? So size does matter then? ;)

neena maiya (guyana gyal) said...

Memory foam mattress. I like that name!

Kim Ayres said...

It is quite descriptive :)

katierobertsart said...

Kim, oh yes! How'd you guess? I've got a millionaire in my spare room!
(I'm related = by partnership - to a psychologist actually, one who wanted to make sure guest are looked after - she must know the trauma caused by a bad mattress!)

Unknown said...

I hope you get used to it soon. Wooden slats would not be that much fun.

Kim Ayres said...

Katie - I've always thought it was the other way round - I know people who make sure their spare mattresses are lumpy and uncomfortable so no one outstays their welcome... ;)

Carole - I'm getting better with it - not too bad a sleep last night. And certainly more comfortable than wooden slats :)

Tru Dillon said...

I do not recommend the memory foam bed. Return it if you can. To me it feels like a mummy wrap. I think you sweat more and if you read in bed, well you bum sinks in and that is not happy! It seems to restrict movement and that might not be good either.

Kim Ayres said...

Tru - ah well, we've had it for a couple of weeks now and I'm definitely getting used to it :)

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