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“Oh, I know who you mean,” said Maggie. “He works in the Co-op. Lovely man. Always so friendly and helpful.”

Richard is tall, covered in tattoos and has a spiked up Mohawk. At first sight you might assume he was likely to knife you if you looked at him.

And yet, everyone you talk to who knows him comments on what a lovely guy he is.

In a recent debate with the management at the Co-op store where he works, about whether his Mohawk should be flattened, such was the outcry from local residents (including many of the grannies the management feared might be intimidated by his appearance), they backed down and his spikes were allowed to remain.

I first saw Richard at the Midsummer Music Festival a few weeks ago as the new drummer for the band The Geese, and immediately started thinking he might be interesting to photograph. When a chance encounter presented itself a couple of weeks later, I asked him if he’d be up for it. The upshot of that is I now have a couple of new photos, which are among my all time favourites.

So I thought I should put them up online.

As usual, click on the for larger versions


Mimi and Tilly said...

The second photograph gave me chills, but in a good way. Absolutely fantastic pictures. This man has a beautiful face.

Chocolatesa said...

Awesome story! And amazing pictures! Thanks! :D:D:D

Pat said...

It is a wonderful face and even a mohawk can't detract from it. It is such a strange combination - like seeing her Maj in a mini.
It's to his credit that the customers like him the way he is.

Ruthie Redden said...

Fantastic photos, they speak volumes. Its a sad fact that folks judge so much by looks . . says I who was thoroughly judged for my beloved mohawk in my teens! So glad the local residents objected.

Anna van Schurman said...

This is just a riff on the mohawk: when I had mine back in the day I was going to a mother's day brunch with my family. I put on a dress and pearls and wore my hair down. I went downstairs and my mum looked at me and told me to go back upstairs and put my hair up! I think the old and middle aged ladies love a good mohawk. The moment I saw his face I could see why you wanted to photograph him. Great job as usual.

hope said...

2nd photo...the face reminds me of a Native American. Very cool, as usual!

Sandy's witterings said...

He also paints a jolly good picture - currently on display at the hall behind St Cuthbert's church on the High Street for the Arts and Crafts trail.

savannah said...

hope said exactly what i was thinking re the 2nd picture! great face for photos, sugar! xoxoxo

neena maiya (guyana gyal) said...

I think the grannies see what you've shown in the last photo. I think the grannies look into his eyes...our eyes always speak the truth.

Kim Ayres said...

Emma - He has a great face doesn't he? I knew I wanted to photograph him as soon as I first saw him. Fortunately he was approachable and up for it :)

Chocolatesa - thank you :)

Pat - I now have an image of her Maj in a mini that I imagine will stay with me for the rest of the evening :)

Ruthie - if you get another mohawk done, I'll do your portrait for free :)

Anna - three cheers for your mum for allowing you to express your individuality!

Hope - well the mohawk is named after a Native American tribe, if I'm not mistaken... yup, just checked Wiki :)

Sandy - he does indeed. And he illustrated the rather brilliant Medica Britanimalicum.

Savannah - what made all the difference was he was so relaxed and unselfconscious with the camera

Guyana_Gyal - grannies tend to know a lot more than most people give them credit for :)

Ruthie Redden said...

:-) Might hold you to that in another 20 years!

Kim Ayres said...

Ruthie - why wait 20 years - go on, treat yourself to a cooler hairstyle (as in temperature - I'm not commenting on fashion sense) while we have this warm weather :)

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