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Facing The Weekend – The Book

Back at the end of May this year, I was involved in the Open Studio event, “Spring Fling”, where for 3 days I opened my doors to the public and took photos of anyone who wanted to join in the fun (see – Facing The Weekend).

I knew from the start I wanted to make a book out of the event, but rather a lot of life has been getting in the way this past summer. However, it is finally complete and available to be viewed and purchased on in Softcover and Hardcover formats.

Below is a promo video I’ve created for it – the soundtrack coming from the superb Sean Taylor, who some of you might remember I photographed for The Mill Sessions back at the beginning of the year (see – Sean Taylor and the Mill Sessions)

Underneath that is the Blurb widget, which allows you to look at the pages online to decide whether you it’s something you might like for your coffee table.

For those viewing this in their RSS feed, or n Facebook, there’s a chance neither the video nor the Blurb widget will appear, in which case, please follow these links:

YouTube Video:
Facing The Weekend on

And for those who like the sound of Sean Taylor’s music, visit his website at:


Mimi and Tilly said...

Fantastic video. Aren't faces fascinating things? I loved seeing them all flash past my eyes, so different and so interesting. :)

Kim Ayres said...

Emma - I love faces. All these photos were taken under the same conditions - same angle, same lighting conditions, same backdrop, same camera, same lens, same photographer. To my mind, what this does is accentuate the difference between them all. I love the variation :)

hope said...

What fascinated me was that I didn't think in terms of pretty/handsome as the faces passed by but in words like fascinating/interesting and wow!

Well done Sir!

Curious, how long did you spend with each subject?

Kim Ayres said...

Hope - I had only a few minutes with each person. 2 or 3 minutes chat, 3 or 4 quick clicks of the camera, a minute or so to see which of the images worked best (occasionally shooting another 3 in a row if for some reason none had worked out), then another minute or 2 to convert to black and white and print it out. Hand photo to my son who then stuck it to the wall. Say goodbye an wish them well for the rest of the weekend, and say hello to the next person!

Pat said...

You seem to have been successful in getting them to trust you and be natural. No mean feat.

Kim Ayres said...

Thanks for recognising that, Pat. Not everyone realises just how much effort needs to go into getting people past a fixed-grin when the camera is pointed at someone :)

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