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The Thinking Blogger Awards

I’ve been tagged by Pendullum to hand out 5 Thinking Blogger Awards – links to blogs that make you think, basically. Her own posts are always very thoughtful and beautifully written, so it comes as no surprise that several bloggers awarded her, though given her extensive blogroll, I've yet to work out why she included these ramblings in her illustrious list. Clearly I have more thinking to do on the subject.

I’ve participated in a couple of memes before, such as the 7 things meme and the 6 Weird Things meme, and I even spent several weeks putting together one of those 101 things about me, but what I like about this one is it give me the chance to point you to some of the blogs that I find inspiring.

So, without further ado…

1. Mystic Traveller
El Branden Brazil is an old family friend. His parents were friendly with my parents and when we were kids and they came to visit we would play with my Lego together. He’s been based in Japan for most of the past decade and has been on a spiritual quest for many years. He’s travelled widely throughout the world and taken stunning photographs, which can be seen on his sister site, Spirit. He’s not always regular with his posts, but when he does write it’s always worth reading. His was the first blog I ever read, so if it hadn’t been for El Branden I wouldn’t have gotten into blogging in the first place.

2. Cape to Rio
Dr Maroon has a knack for making you feel that you’re in an elite club of two. He’ll make comments or quips or references that you know only you, out of his entire readership, properly understand. And yet he manages this trick with everyone. All his regulars believe that they are his secret favoured one. I’m still trying to work out how he does it.

3. Restaurant Gal
I was delighted earlier this month to guest post on Restaurant Gal’s site. Based around the customers, the staff, the expectations of her to perform miracles on a nightly basis while still keeping a professional smile on her face, RG draws you into her world. You’ll never be tight with tips again.

4. El Guapo
How could anyone fail to love El Guapo in DC, the Guatemalan with his fabulous mustache.

5. Resident Alien
Mary is new to blogging, but not to writing. She lives in the same corner of Britain as me, although we’ve not met in person. We met online after we both entered and failed to get anywhere in a local Flash Fiction competition, but had enjoyed each other’s entries. An American living in Scotland after many years in Japan she has a wonderfully engaging style that keeps you going back for more.

When looking for new and engaging blogs to read, you could do far worse than visit any and all of these.

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Not content with me pushing his book (see sidebar - no, a bit lower down - just below The Japing Ape), giving him contributor status to Blunt Cogs and voting for him every week at the Love to Lead competition I gave up on after 2 weeks because I didn't win, Dr Joseph McCrumble, Celebrity Parasitologist is now making me feel guilty at not including him in these awards.

Therefore I would like to point out that just because I didn't list him here in no way implies that he is not a thinking blogger.

And I guess that applies to everyone else I've linked to, and the handful I keep meaning to link to but haven't got around to it yet.


Pendullum said...

I can not wait for my kid and her playdates to give me amoment's piece so I may read all these great blogs!
Thanks Kim!

quinn said...

Hey ..had to say I love your look to be very seriously contemplating all things...

Gyrobo said...

Good thing there's no conscious thought behind any of my posts.

El-Branden said...

Thank you very much, Kim!

I am now at the end of my trip, having spent an amazing three weeks travelling throughout Myanmar. It was great to meet my friends there again. Due to a lack of reliable internet cafes, I was not able to keep up my regular travelogue as I travelled. But, I will write up many of my experiences with lots of new photography, over the coming weeks.

Cheers, again, Kim!

Foot Eater said...

Funny you should say that about the Cape to Rio blog. Dr Maroon's posts do read as though he's talking exclusively to me, but I find his message overwhelmingly malevolent and threatening, and I come away with a sense of impending disaster which makes it very difficult for me to lead a normal life.

Eryl Shields said...

I want to read them all now, but must desist or my life will become a virtual one. Must check out el-branden though: my mother came from Myanmar.

Dr Maroon said...

Dr Maroon has a knack for making you feel that you’re in an elite club of two

Well we are now. Thanks Kim. Thanks a bunch.

Foot Eater, I tells it like I sees it, and it's me that's got the solipsism. Remember? Of course you do!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on such validation and for passing the torch on too :) I try not to think too much (it worries my purty little head), but maybe I'll suck it up so I can check these blogging virtuosos out. Of course, that will cut ionto my slothful TV time...

Can I say I knew yoou back when?

Kim Ayres said...

Pendullum - Thanks for the award. It's gone completely to my head, you should know.

Quinn - primarily I was thinking I wonder if the I'm in frame or am going to have to take the photo again...

Gyrobo - The self-deprecating robot... sounds like a title of a novel to me

Branden - Looking forward to seeing your new photos and reading about your travels :)

Foot Eater - Maybe Dr Maroon's more of a Rorschach phenomena than I realised.

Eryl - 'tis the curse of blogging. Eventually you reach the point where to read every blog you want to, you have to find a way to warp space and time to fit the necessary hours in the day.

Dr Maroon - I'll be questioning you closely next week when we meet at the Elite Club for lunch.

Emily Elizabeth - you may wellhave known me back then, but if you try and produce any photos I will deny alll knowledge.

jennifer said...

I too love the photo! What a THINKER you are! Thanks for the links to the other thoughtful sites, I'll check them out. And congrats on the recognition, I agree: your blog often makes me think, too.

Mary Witzl said...

Hallelujah! I have finally managed to get from my blog to yours after getting your URL wrong more times than I'm willing to admit. I'm not sure how I managed this; a bit like a monkey being able to produce the works of Shakespeare given enough time.

You really give me the benefit of the doubt calling me a thinking blogger. My ignorance of computing (among other things) seems to know no bounds.

Kim Ayres said...

Jennifer - thank you

Mary - It's a Thinking Blogger award. If I'd gone for a technical expert award, it's true you might not have made the top 5...

Dr Joseph McCrumble said...

I wasn't expecting a thinking blog award, Kim, so don't feel bad about not awarding me one. Of course, as a scientist I like to think that all my work is held in high regard by my readers, and that I make a small difference, at least, in the way that people view the world. To have an award for acheiving one's aims is always gratifying, and I'm sure that one day someone - somewhere - will recognise my efforts for what they really are

with best wishes


Kim Ayres said...

OK, OK, I've updated this entry

Dr Joseph McCrumble said...

I love you Kim

Now you've woken me up and I promise to contribute to something for bluntcogs


J McC x

Mine is a Gin said...

Oh no, more blogs to check out! And here am I trying to find time to write again as well as read all these wonderful blogs. Less work is what is needed. That & more chocolate cake, probably!

restaurant gal said...

A very belated thank you for the nomination! I have been working waaaaaay too many hours to properly check in with my blog friends, and this was such a great surprise.

Best to you,

The Gal

Kim Ayres said...

Dr McCrumble - your welcome

Mine is a Gin - welcome back :)

Restaurant Gal - you deserve it :)

PI said...

Kim you are looking seriously handsome and a thinker too. This may get through but if it doesn't its because you are amongst the band of bloggers whose comment box won't accept me. Here goes.

Kim Ayres said...

Pat - coming from a model that's quite a compliment. Careful, or Dr Maroon might start getting jealous.

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