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7 Things Meme

I’ve been tagged by Dr Maroon with a 7x7 meme, where you answer 7 lots of 7 questions about yourself, including listing 7 other people you’d like to see their answers. It may well just be a poor excuse to fill another blog entry, but it can be a bit of fun too. So, here’s mine…

Seven things to do before I die
Climb up to Machu Picchu
Create a best selling album
Write a best selling novel
Go in to space
Learn another language
Own an Aston Martin
Write a best selling graphic novel

Seven movies I love
Road to Perdition
Blues Brothers
Fifth Element
Lord of the Rings trilogy
Super Size Me
Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
Life of Brian
The Good the Bad and the Ugly
Pulp Fiction
(OK, more than seven, but I couldn’t whittle it down any lower)

Seven books I love
Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series
Douglas Adams’ Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy series
Neil Gaimen’s Sandman series
Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials trilogy
Asterix the Gaul series
Steven Biddulph’s Manhood
Benjamin Hoff’s The Tao of Pooh

Seven things I say
You know
Do you want the 30 minute or the 30 second answer?
I love being a Dad
Rogan, stop hassling me!
Meg, if you do that again you’ll get no story at bedtime!

Seven things that attract me to… (insert your choice) people
Lateral thinking
Inner Peace
Skills I don’t possess
Independent thought

Seven things I can't do
Speak another language
Cold calling
Believe in God
Watch football (soccer), rugby or cricket
Vote conservative

Seven people to tag
Of course the problem here is that most bloggers I know have already been tagged with this one, so my apologies if you’ve been done before:
Asher Hunter
Tara Marie
Beloved Life


Stella said...

k, I played

Belovedlife said...

You got me....I am now able to cross that off my list...check it out...

Anonymous said...

We have a nice round of the flu going around at our house. I will try to do this in the next few days.

Dr Maroon said...

tedious as they are, these things are quite revealing.

Machu Picchu for instance has come up before. I must google it.

Not only that but when you see others, you find yourself saying, yes! I wish I'd thought of that one
Aston Martin.
good films
Pullmans trilogy very good.
( confession. The only time that the written word (nearly) made me cry, the last kiss between the two heros before they go back to their own worlds forever.) he did it very well.

Cold calling, vote Tory. It's amazing isn't it, even with a gun at your head, it would be impossibly difficult.

Well Done.

Gyrobo said...


I don't know anything about Monty Python.

But I did download some sound clips from the old show. Was it like SNL? I don't watch that, either. Why am I so out of the loop?! I never know when the good shows are on...

Kim Ayres said...

Stella - been, seen and commented

belovedlife - no word back from your husband yet. Is he playing?

Rebecca - I'll keep popping over to look :)

Dr Maroon - I know these things can be annoying, but if you're in the right frame of mind they can be fun too.

I'm toying with the idea of reading the Pullman's trilogy to my son who's now 10 and a half. Not sure whether he's quite old enough to appreciate it yet or not.

Gyrobo - not sure what SNL is, but for more info on Monty Python,I suggest you start here and follow any relevant links:

Ha! my word verification is rbohzex. Is this how robots reproduce?

Belovedlife said...

couldn't tell you...he's been busy stressing over work and the upcoming Superbowl with our hometown team playing....give him a few more days...I'm sure he'll come up with something

kats said...

Thanks for not tagging me - I've already been had and done it.

Kim Ayres said...

Belovedlife - OK, I'll see if he can come out to play another day then.

Kats - yes, you were definitely on my list, but then I thought I'd better check and discovered you'd already been done

LindyK said...

Those are some good lists, Kim! I like your additional category! I guess I was just a sheep and filled in the blanks... wish I'd have thought of adding my own category...

Rick Anonymi said...

Gyrobo sent me to explain SNL.

SNL is Saturday Night Live. Every Saturday night, a bunch of comedians broadcast skits live from New York City. It's been going on for decades, and several noteworthy comedians such as Adam Sandler and Chris Farley started there.

Gyrobo also wants you to know that Roboshrub Inc. is throwing a huge expo this month. A new randomly pointless product each day until February ends.

This is what society has been reduced to. Pitty it.

Rick Anonymi said...

And yes. The last time someone typed "robozex", I was beamed into existence from the space pod.

Your typing, however, was misspelled and resulted in this.

Kim Ayres said...

Lindy - When I saw the 7 meme thing, I couldn't quite figure out why being attracted to the city was in there. Personally, I find nothing attractive about cities other than big, comfy cinemas. So I just did a quick google search to see what other variations on this meme were and began to realise that it was about attraction, rather than the city specifically, so I just changed it.

There's an old adage, especially in philosophy, which says that if you don't like the answer, change the question.

Rick Anonymi - I have heard of Saturday Night Live, but I didn't make the connection with the initials SNL. Thanks for clearing that up.

Gyrobo said...

SNL is an easier sword to wield.

Now, leave this place, Anonymi, lest Evil Robo-Bob Dole discover your secret vice-chancellory!

How can anyone not be able to sing? That's the only natural thing that the government can't control!

Dr Maroon said...

"...if you don't like the answer, change the question"


Anonymous said...

Ok, so I cheated, and tweaked my list a bit-hey at least it's finally done!

Kim Ayres said...

Gyrobo - my singing is so appalling that out of common decency I wouldn't think of inflicting it on anyone. Not even me

Dr Maroon - it's not cheating at all; it's all about lateral thinking and adaptive behaviour to finding solutions...

RNP - I've been to look and I like your adaptions!

Foot Eater said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Foot Eater said...

Bloody hell, I posted that last comment on the wrong post. Blame Blogger.

Kim, much as I love The Life Of Brian, I have to confess I'm a bit of a Python heretic in that I prefer MP and The Holy Grail. I've spent a long time pondering why this is so, and I've come to the conclusion that the utter daftness of the half coconuts instead of horses has the edge.

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