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Happy Halloween!

Meg went to the school Halloween disco the other night and insisted on being made up as a witch.

Sometimes a proud dad just can't resist showing off his wee lass!


MomTah said...

Too Cute!!! I'll be posting pics of my wee ones tonight on my blog after Trick-or-Treating. :-)

Belly said...

She makes a gorgeous witch! The weebelly went as a witch as well...there is something in the air me thinks!

Take care :D

fatmammycat said...

Great Photo, loved the stripy socks!

Kim Ayres said...

Thanks for all the comments - Belly, it's good to see you're able to post again.

The stripy tights are what does it I think. We did debate over the idea of purple tights, but they didn't stand a chance :)

Is it just me or has blogger been a nightmare today? Nearly everytime I try to post a comment or visit a page there are massive delays. It's been driving me nuts all day!

Tara Marie said...

That has to be the most bewitching witch I have ever laid eyes on!!!

Kim,,,,,,your daughter is so should be proud and I'm so glad you 'showed her off'.

Is that her real hair? I remember the last picture I saw of her she had her hair in braids, and my duaghters hair is almost that exact color and length, so I was curious!!!

Love the picture of Rogan and the pumpkin!

Kim Ayres said...

Yes, it is her real hair. It has never been cut and she's over 7 and a half years old. Most of the time, however, we have to keep it plaited of it gets in a terrible mess. Every now and again though, usually when she's dressing up, we will let it loose.

Naomi said...

Very cute, the stripey tights definitely make the outfit. You should show both your kids off more often :)

BStrong said...

I'm back trying to play catch up. Meg's the cutest witch I've ever seen. I think my daughter has a pair of tights just like Megs.


Kim Ayres said...

This blog is beginning to reflect my non-virtual world. In the last place we lived, it seemed that everyone in the village knew Meg and people were always saying "Hi Meg" even though we had no idea who they were. Sometimes I would begin to feel that I had no identity of my own, purely that of the man who accompanies Meg about.

Well we moved about 6 months ago and over the past month or two my wife and I have both noticed the same thing happening again. It seems that the whole of Castle Douglas knows Meg.

And now, it looks like she threatens to take over this blog. I'm beginning to wonder whether you fickle readers only feign interest in my blog so that you might catch another glimpse of my wee lass ;)

Tara Marie said...

Yup.....for me, I always hope to glimpse at Miss Meg and to hear what she is up too.....and it doesn't surprise me at all that she is enchanting the village of Castle Douglas....that is the magic of T21!

My Greta has never cut her hair either....our two Rapunzels!!!

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