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El-Branden Brazil's Cyber Exhibition

Branden is one of the few people I’ve known for over 30 years that is actually younger than me. There is much that is interesting about this man, but just now I would like to plug his photography.

For a long time I’ve enjoyed his photographs of people, places and temples and he has now created a blog exhibiting some of them. I have placed a link to his site over on the right (or you can click here: and recommend you take a look when you have time.


El-Branden Brazil said...

You've made me blush!

Thank you very much Kim. For those who have not met the bearded one, let me tell you that he is a fine and talented gentleman, indeed.

Kim Ayres said...


El-Branden Brazil said...

But such a fine smug bastard!

Best wishes,


Tara Marie said...

Loved your pictures.....great peace and gentleness.

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