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Rain, Floods and Loch Ken

For the past 40 days and 40 nights (give or take a day or 2) the weather really has been pretty lousy. Rain, wind, rain, downpours, more wind, more rain, occasional calm spells then more rain again.

As mentioned in the last post (It was a dark and stormy night) Loch Ken had burst its banks and there was a fair amount of flooding. Water levels have dropped by a metre or two since the weekend, but many fields are still completely submerged.

Loch Ken this morning - click for larger version

Thinking it would cheer me up, I was delighted to see I'd got an email from my friend Dave (see Dave and Beb are moving to Spain) this morning. It says:

Howz it going Kim?

Well we just got back from the beach, the beach in December ! Sunny, hot, tapas
by the ocean... hows Scotland


Thanks Dave...


Nikki said...

I'm glad you have heard from Dave and that he's enjoying himself.

quinn said...

wow..even with the flooding I love to see those photos...the grass is so amazingly green ..and what a beautifull view.

Aren't friends marvelous the way they can really rub your nose in it sometimes lol .

Dr Maroon said...

Dave must DIE !

Kim Ayres said...

Nikki - yes, he's clearly having fun...

Quinn - without the flooding it's a lot duller

Dr Maroon - that's a given. The more interesting part is in what manner...

Anonymous said...

Sounding a little biblical Kim? Are you going to send out the dove next and see if it comes back with an olive branch:)?

Send Dave new swim trunks that were soaked in female shark pheromones.


Andraste said...

I was going to suggest some kind of 'poetic justice' end for Dave, and bstrong hit it before me.

I'm also trying to make a pun about Dave being your "chum," but sadly, coming up short.

Anonymous said...

Wow, well, I am sorry to hear the weather has been awful. It is still so beautiful there even under water.

Kim Ayres said...

BStrong - never pass up an opportunity for slipping in a wee biblical reference to your posts if you want to add a bit of drama :)

Andraste - not sure I get the "chum" reference. Bit slow today - care to flesh it out?

Rebecca - Now all we need is a big freeze and we'd have a great skating rink :)

Anonymous said...

Hadn't been by for a while and then I find you've gazumped me on the deluge issue! It's still raining here... slow Chinese water torture for yer pal Dave!

Kim Ayres said...

Sooner or later the weather works its way into everyone's blogs if they live in Northern Europe

Mary Witzl said...

My husband's brother lives in Australia and enjoys telling us about how warm and sunny it is there. This invariably depresses my husband, but it makes me feel smug and content: I love rain. Your friend's tapas by the beach leaves me cold. The wild, wet stormy night, on the other hand, stirs my very soul.

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