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Where's the money going?

After putting it off and putting it off some more, Maggie and I finally got round to looking at our cash flow this morning – income vs expenditure – and it makes for depressing reading.

Really depressing reading.

So depressing that we’re going to have to discuss it over lunch in a nice café down the road to try and cheer ourselves up...


BStrong said...

The banks are to blame. I want to know who the person is that invented the Automated Teller Machine (ATM). Who the the hell thought that I can handle having 24 hour access to my money.

Enjoy your lunch. Just remember finances are not worth fighting over. Just start looking at your bills as if they were a comic book.


fatmammycat said...

Kim, somday I wonder why anyone even bothers paying me at all. I think, why not just cut out the middle man and give my money to the bank, the ESB, the Gas, the vets, the insurance company and whoever else's children I am putting through college, and that's even before I consider my wine and shoe habit... You're right, it's very depressing sometimes.

Anonymous said...

Whenever I worry about money, which is often, I order a nice takeaway.

Vicious, vicious circle.

Kim Ayres said...

Lunch was good, although of course we're now £12 worse off than we were this morning.

Maybe Kav's right and a takeaway would make us feel better...

Dr Maroon said...

Spend Spend Spend and God will send.

You will never starve.

You have "surviver" [comfortably] stamped on your forehead. I'vwe been roud the block, I seen it before.


You DO worry too much.

(about the unimportant things)

and not nearly enough about the important things.

Spoil your kids while you still can. Trust me on this.

I can say this because I

Kim Ayres said...

You can say this because you... what Dr M?

You're the son a parents who spent their last pennies making you happy and it didn't do you any harm?

You're loaded?

You're God?

You're drunk?

As for 'surviver' on my forehead, it's the remnants of youthful folly back when "Eye of the Tiger" was my favourite chart topper.

Dr Maroon said...

All of the above.

In vino veritas.

I can say all this because you are NOT special. You ARE the well thumbed book that is the man on the Clapham omnibus. Mr Norman Normal. It WILL all work out, I am NOT loaded but I am OLD and CLEVER and I therefore can speak with authority.
Ask your wife, she appears to be the brains of the outfit (they ALWAYS are).
You will hear from me in due course re our taking over the world as previously discussed.
In the meantime, relax and enjoy the ride.

Foot Eater said...

Oi, Maroon, Clapham Omnibus Man is mine this week.

The Doc has a point, in amongst the boozy rambling, though, Kim (and he is a lot older than me and therefore presumably wiser). I tend to spend when I have a cash problem. It's reckless, it's juvenile, it feels great, and equilibrium reasserts itself.

You have a number of strings to your bow, as does Maggie, it seems, and I think things will work out.

Face said...

Happy Belated Birthday !
Yay for Scorpios!
How did you get that Picasso picture to show up on your blog? I made one but I can't get it!

Money, its a gas.

Kim Ayres said...

Dr Maroon - Never been to Clapham. I await your instructions on global domination.

Foot Eater - the fact that both you and Dr Maroon have regular, monthly incomes (so long as you keep showing up to work and doing what you do), makes quite a difference to the amount of comfort I can glean from your financial reassurances. However, I appreciate the sentiment :)

Face - Thank you!

With the Picasso picture I used the print-screen function on the keyboard which copies an image of whatever is on your computer screen at the time to the clipboard, then pasted it into an image programme. I then cropped it to size and uploaded it to blogger.

Hope that helps :)

restaurant gal said...

Me a little over a year ago: Two kids headed to college. Time for me to start a new career that pays far less and for my spouse to do a tech start-up--right? Absolutely!

Life isn't about money. It's about love and dreams and knowing it will all work out.

I hope!

Best, The Gal

Kim Ayres said...

Restaurant Gal - just make sure that whatever you and Mr RG do, it's something you're passionate about - that way you're more likely to make it happen despite the shit the gods like to throw at you.

happykat said...

Tell me about it, kim.

I've been wincing at my finances for months now. We're down to our last five hundred in savings and, to me, that is quite scary.

I feel for you. ((hugs))

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