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Ross Noble Gig (part 1)

Maggie came up to my study this afternoon and said, “You’ll never guess who’s appearing at Dalry Village Hall?” That’s St John’s Town of Dalry, which is a small village in the Galloway Hills, pretty much in the middle of nowhere.

“Obviously someone I’ve heard of,” I say

“Of course.”

So I make a few guesses, ask a few clues and it transpires that it’s Ross Noble. Now we’ve seen Ross Noble on TV, and we borrowed my stepdaughter’s DVD of a live gig once, and he must be one of the best stand up comedians about. In fact I’d rate him up there close to Eddie Izzard. So what on earth is he doing up in Dalry? Maggie said that at first she thought it was a sort of Ross Noble tribute act, like the Bootleg Beatles or No Way Sis. But no, it appears to be the real thing. She’d seen a poster for it on the Co-op notice board, next to one for the Clarebrand and Crossmichael Village Fete, and beneath one for a WI jumble sale.

By the time I’d tracked down his website ( and found the list of dates and booking contact details it was after 5pm, so when I rang the number there was no answer. There was no online booking facility and the answer machine was pretty basic: this is Glenkens Community & Arts Trust we’re talking about, not the Hammersmith Odeon.

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