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Ross Noble Gig (part 4)

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Hey, hey, hey! My ticket turned up in the post this morning, which is something of a relief. Given the muddle so far I was fully expecting to turn up on the night to collect my ticket only for there to be no record of me.

In keeping with the low-tech approach of Glenkens Community & Arts Trust (Linking the Communities of Glenkens), the strip of paper that is the ticket looks like it was done on a home computer and printer; the only thing lacking is the clip-art in the corner. If I were that way inclined it would be the easiest thing in the world to forge a few copies. No holographic biochip imprints on these…

Along with the ticket I got the wee A5 flyer that lists Ross Noble’s “Randomist” tour dates for August. Perhaps I will find out on the night why it is called “Randomist”, but at the moment it looks like he randomly threw 20 pins into a map of Scotland and decided to do his gigs in the towns or villages nearest to where they landed. He seems to have skipped Edinburgh and Glasgow altogether (unless he’s done them in a different month), although he has got Aberdeen, Perth and Stirling on his list. However, Inverness is also missing but he is doing Findhorn – a hippy community about 30 miles along the coast. Lochinver village hall can hardly be the biggest venue on his tour, but if you go to his gig in Tain, it looks like you get your tickets from “Ross the Chemist”. However, I still haven’t really got my head around the fact that in coming to Dumfries & Galloway, rather than do Dumfries, or even Castle Douglas for that matter, he’s chosen St John’s Town of Dalry.

Perhaps all will be revealed next Wednesday evening.

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