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Ross Noble Gig (part 3)

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We’ve been away for a week. I’ve had my mobile phone with me but despite the promise that I would be called I have heard nothing from Karen or anyone else about my Ross Noble ticket. So I phoned up.

“I’m calling about tickets for the Ross Noble Gig.”

“That would be the sold out Ross Noble gig then,” said the lad with a certain air of smugness. I guess the Glenkens Community & Arts Trust don’t sell out very often.

When I mentioned that I’d called about the tickets over a week ago and had been promised that I’d be phoned back, but had heard nothing, the smugness left his voice as he quickly said I’d better talk to Karen.

Karen said she didn’t have any record of my name, but there was a hint of uncertainty in her voice. But now the advantage of dealing with a small, locally run event kicked in. Karen is presumably one of the people in charge and so has to think about the reputation of the Trust in the local community, rather than just being an anonymous call centre operative. This meant that rather than shrugging me off with the fact that I didn’t appear on her computer screen, after a short pause she told me that she had four press passes that she’d been asked to keep back, but no one had asked her for them. So rather than let them go to waste, and disappoint a local person, she was quite happy for me to have one of them, but I would need to send her a cheque and I could pick up the ticket on the night.

The cheque for £10 was posted within the hour – after I’d had to phone her back to find out how much and who to make it out to.

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