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Rogan is 15

My wee bouncing baby boy is now as tall as me, shaving and midway through his teens.

Anyone who's been following this blog for a while will know family tradition has it that I have to create cards for the kids on their birthdays using my Photoshop skills.

In previous years Rogan has variously been Dr Who, Neo in The Matrix, a Pirate of the Caribbean, and Wolverine.

There have been major family upheavals over the past couple of days and this morning I suddenly realised I'd not thought about his card. "Do you have any ideas what you might like?" I asked him.

"No. Surprise me," he said. Then went on, "and make it really good!"

Nuts. Wrong answer.

Fortunately I had a sudden burst of inspiration when looking at a photo I took of him the other day when he had one raised eyebrow, looking at me with a sceptical suspicion.

So this is the birthday card he'll receive when he gets in from school later...

Click on image for a larger version



Pat said...

First ! Happy Birthday Rogan.
You look great as Mr Bond.
Daniel Craig eat your heart out.

savannah said...

how wonderful! i think this is the best one, so far! i left him a birthday message on fb! xoxox


Carole said...

Oh, I like it. And he would be ever so much better than Daniel Craig. I've had to quit watching Bond because of him. However all the boy members of my family like him better than the other Bonds except, of course, Sean Connery.

Happy Birthday Rogan. You make an excellent OO7.

Annie said...

Happy Birthday Rogan! Time flies so fast when they'e growing up! I hope he likes his card, you've done a great job as always.

Ponita in Real Life said...

Cool card! And a very Happy Birthday to Rogan. They grow up soooo fast!

That raised eyebrow certainly looks like someone else on your blog page, doesn't it??? As they say, the acorn doesn't fall far from the tree!

angryparsnip said...

I happen to like Daniel Craig so I can say.... Rogan looks so much better.
Great job on the card Dad ! Your too young to have a 15 year old son !

Happy Birthday from Tucson, Arizona

cheers, parsnip

mapstew said...

Happy Birthday Rogan!

And yes, you've got the Da's expressions! :¬)

(Kool Kard Kim!) :¬)

Roschelle said...

Happy Happy Birthday Rogan! What a handsome young man you have there.

And yes, THE CARD ROCKS!!!!

Eryl Shields said...

Very merry cheery happy birthday Rogan.

Great card, and he looks so grown up!

I really wish I'd thought to elicit your services because Stevie is 50 tomorrow and a cool, personalized card would have been just the thing. Maybe when he turns 60 I'll be more organised.

hope said...

Happy Birthday Rogan! (Is he having 2 birthdays a year now? Swore he JUST had one).

Yep, Daniel Craig drop the gun and move out of the picture...there's a new man in town. I always loved Sean Connery best...but perhaps Rogan could be the 2nd coming of the real Bond.

Gee, I might need to adopt you to be MY Dad. ;)

Thrup'ny bits said...

Happy Birthday to Rogan.

A very sophisticated looking fifteen year old.


Ron Tipton said...

Your wee boy at fifteen is probably doing more than just shaving. Just saying. Happy birthday Rogan!

Jasmine said...

I haven't been following you long enough to know that. That is an awesome thing you do. And this year's card looks fantastic. Happy birthday Rogan!

A Daft Scots Lass said...

the names Bond, Rogan Bond!

Very nice tradition you have going there.

Falak said...

A very happy birthday to Rogan and that is a really beautiful tradition you follow. Your Photoshop skills are supercool!

Hindsfeet said...

I think you get *seriously cool Dad* points for this, Kim....kudos!

(hey, thanks for sharing about Charlie in your previous post....I perused a bit of his writing and my heart is sitting here, broken...and asking, "why?".....what a beautiful person.....I just can't wrap my head around so much pain and why all the pain......just made me wish I could somehow gather him up......wish my arms reached farther and were wider......

...anyway, thanks........)

asmita said...

Oooh! Naaice!
Happy Birthday to your son, Rogan :)

Katie Roberts said...

a truly H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y Rogan. (I dont know why that says is more - but it does)

Kim Ayres said...

Thanks to each of you for your positive comments about the card and the birthday wishes for Rogan - I have passed them on to him and he was clearly pleased to receive them :)

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