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As you can see, I’m delighted with my new mug from Debra Bures, of the blog From Skilled Hands.

Several weeks ago she asked for mug shots to go into her prize draw to win one of her wonderful creations. Despite my “Who’s the Daddy” entry, my name was not randomly drawn from the hat.

However, she had another draw shortly afterwards so I thought I’d attempt the sympathy vote after one of our favourite mugs failed to support one last coffee

This time I was lucky enough to win and my beautifully made, fantastically glazed mug recently arrived in the post this week.

Included with the mug was this wonderful tile, based on the local river as seen from above, looking down through the clouds. If you’ve ever seen my wife’s artwork [see the videos on this page] with her loves of blues and greens and organic shapes, you’ll know this mug and tile fit perfectly into our house.

Rattling around on the inside of the mug, which gave us a fright initially, thinking something had broken, I also discovered one of Debra’s touchstones

Although she is based in the village of Peninsula (pop.601), Ohio, she does do mail order. So if you are one of those who loves to have a favourite mug to drink your morning tea or coffee from as you slowly re-enter the world of the living, then I can’t recommend Debra’s mugs highly enough.

I’m completely thrilled with mine.


angryparsnip said...

Beautiful !

Very lucky with the sympathy idea, great boo boo eyes as we like to call them...

love the tile !

cheers, parsnip

Carole said...

Nice mug. I love it. Now I have another blogger I have to check out. Would you please quit making people interesting.

Speaking of making people interesting your coffee table book has gotten so many comments from visitors. All good in the "unique art category."

debra said...

Thank you for your kind words, Kim. I thought that particular mug would look great with your particular mug :-)

savannah said...

lovely, sugar! i need to start saving some coin around here so i can do a bit of shopping!

Alice said...

Hey, I'll be driving through Pennisula on my way to a concert tomorrow. What are the odds! Beautiful, I will have to look her up. We're practically neighbors.

Jasmine said...

That's a gorgeous mug. I'm practically a neighbor, too. I'm in Michigan, right above Ohio. :)

Fay's Too said...

I'm blue/green with envy. Those are gorgeous!

Kim Ayres said...

Angry Parsnip - it is a great tile, isn't it?

Carole - I will email everyone I know and ask them to be a bit more boring... And thank you for the positive feedback about the book - it's really good to hear :)

Debra - it's a perfect match! Many thanks once again :)

Savannah - just have a nickle jar in the kitchen to drop the loose change into and very quickly it mounts up to a mug's worth :)

Alice - then you absolutely have to look her up - "Elements Gallery" is the place to find

Jasmine - she's north Ohio too :)

Fay - they really are :)

mapstew said...

What a pretty mug!

(Oh, and the drinking vessel is nice too!) :¬)

hope said...

I love the colors!

[And the eyes are nice too]. ;)

Roschelle said...

The mug is really pretty. I love the black and white pics with a hint of color sprinkled somewhere.

So cool!

A Daft Scots Lass said...

Your shots are so animated and speak a thousand words. They certainly made me smile. Great post!

I love the touchstones...I may just have to go and purchase a few.

Eryl Shields said...


snoble24 said...

very nice looks great for something i would assume is handmade.the touchstones were great looking to

Jayne Martin said...

Isn't it fun to win stuff? I'm a total contest "ho". I enter everything. You're lucky you saw that mug before I did. ;) Congratulations. She really does beautiful work.

erika said...

I love the mugshots, of both you and the mug. You are just so darn photogenic and your new mug is lovely. A match made in heaven :)

Pat said...

I KNOW I left a comment but suspect I didn't do the final click which happens sometime.
Just that my mug got nowhere but I'm not bitter:)

Mary Witzl said...

I love the shape of that mug, and the colors too. And with any luck, I'll be able to see it for myself in another month or so!

Daphne Wayne-Bough said...

You are looking more and more like Noel Edmonds.

Anonymous said...

it's a wonderful shape! bet it feels awfully nice in-hand.

Kim Ayres said...

Mapstew - very pretty... ;)

Hope - the colours are wonderful :)

Roschelle - it's an easy trick in photoshop when you know what you're doing, but it did the job I wanted in this case :)

Gillian - I would certainly recommend them :)

Eryl - it is :)

Snoble24 - it is handmade - Debra makes wonderful mugs :)

Jayne - I so rarely win things, it feels extra special when I do :)

Erika - I think "photogenic" just means "comfortable in front of the camera"

Pat - I've done that many times with comments - don't worry. Did you enter a mug shot too? Which one was it?

Mary - the shape is good - low centre of gravity means it doesn't get knocked over as easily :)

Daphne - Noooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!

Heather - it does indeed :)

erika said...

'Photogenic' means 'looking attractive in pictures' :)

Kim Ayres said...

Erika - it doesn't have to mean attractive, it can also mean interesting. And really the point I was making is everyone has an interesting face if you really look at them - that's one of the things I love about portrait photography.

The problem is, most people are not happy with their own face - I wrote a blog post about it if you're interested - see Are you scared of your face? :)

erika said...

Yes, you are absolutely right and I stand corrected. It is not the beauty of a face that makes a portrait striking and someone photogenic. Some faces lack the symmetry and characteristics that are perceived as attractive, yet they are striking leave an impression. So does the concept 'photogenic' even exist, or is it in the eye of the beholder...or the holder of the camera... hmm

Kim Ayres said...

I might write a blog post about this...

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