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Life is good

I know the British have a tendency to talk endlessly about the weather, and I have tried to avoid it in this blog. However, today the sun is out and it is a very pleasant Autumn day. This is in complete contrast to the past several days, which have been dreich (find a Scots dictionary and look it up) to say the least. Most of last week was just dull, grey and overcast, and the past few days have been full of torrential rain and howling gales too.

But today the sun is out and my mood has lifted dramatically. It’s almost like my emotions are solar powered. Without a good dose of pure sunlight I start getting grumpy and miserable.

Go for a couple of weeks without bright sunshine and I will be prepared to commit acts of extreme violence if someone puts sugar in my tea, or leaves it out of my coffee. However, on a day like today they could wrap my car around a lamp-post and I’d just brush it aside with good humour.

Probably just as well I don’t live in Iceland, where the sun doesn’t rise at all for 3 months of the year…


Amanda said...

I agree totally. Since I moved to California, USA - my moods have been dramatically better then when I lived on the east coast with more severe winters and less sun. The avg. temp rang here all year is about 60-85 degrees Farenheight, (which is between 15 and 29 degrees Celcius). It hardly ever rains, and its more effective than any anti-depressant I've ever tried! ;)

kats said...

Oh I agree totally. I wish I could take a pill in January and wake up in March in time for spring.

Think of the weight loss too!!!

I shall reciprocate on the link and many thanks.

I hope you don't return regularly just to check how apalling it is!!

Kats:0)(I'm sooo jealous of Amanda!)

kats said...

When I've worked out how to do it.


Kim Ayres said...

I think I'm incredibly jealous of Amanda too. Californian weather sounds idyllic.

I quite like the idea of moving to the Mediterranean one day, although if global warming continues as expected, then it won't be toolong before we have a much better climate in Scotland (although the Mediterranean countries willjust be deserts by then)

Kim Ayres said...

Kats - If you go to the Blogger Dashboard, and click on "Blogger Help" over on the right side of the page, you'll be taken to

Under the Section "Working With Blogger" click on "Templates".

The first link is How do I edit my link list?, and this will give you instructions on how to do it. Then it's just a case of paying with it until it works!

Don't be intimidated by it, after a while you'll find it's more straightforward than you feared.

Amanda said...

I have never been anywhere overseas, but my husband has, and he compares the climate and environment of where we live to the I bet it it great there too. ;)

BStrong said...

There is something to say about the weather and moods. I too find that when it's sunny out that I am in a better place than if it's not. Sorry it took me a little while to comment, I was unavailable yesterday.

There are solons here in the states that have solar therapy. Basically they put you under bright lights to make you happier, weird ha. It rates right up there with oxygen bars.

Possible rain showers with a high of 68F in Pittsburgh.

Ramana Siddharth said...

hey kim..sunny there en?our monsoon has just begun in my part of india..lovely rains..our well is full to the brim..hey do u guys have wells in ur house?hope ur sunny days last long!

Naomi said...

We're in California as well and the weather makes a huge difference to my mood. I think we've only had 1 day of real rain since February.

I actually like rainy weather but only in short bursts and preferably while I'm inside snuggled up with a good book and a glass of wine (not with 2 bored toddlers who just want to go out and play). I also love crips autumn and winter days where the sky is blue, you can see your breath and everything just feels crisp and clean.

I don't miss the endless dreary grey days where the sun never quite makes it our from behind the clouds and the air is just damp and miserable.

Kim Ayres said...

BStrong - Solar therapy? That sounds like it might not be far from the truth...

Siddharth - Here in Scotland though, we never run out of water because it rains most of the time, but we don't get Monsoons! I'll never complain about heavy rain again!

Naomi - oh stop! Between you and Amanda I'm insanely jealous!

Cherry_Cherry_Blossoms said...


Cherry_Cherry_Blossoms said...


Kim Ayres said...

I'm smiling!


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