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Dream dream dream

I left school nearly 26 years ago.

There followed a few years of the University of Life before returning to education, getting some Highers at a local college and going to the University of Dundee, which was nothing like Life, but at least gave me a piece of paper saying I’d been there.

But I graduated from Dundee nearly 14 years ago.

So why have I been getting a flood of back in school/college/university dreams over the past few months?

Most of them are based around the idea I have assignments to hand in, but I don’t know what the topic is; I had homework but don’t remember being in this class before; and not being able to find the room/teacher/tutor I had to visit 5 minutes ago.

Sometimes these dreams link together and I’ll have the memory of a previous one acting as the past in the present one. And it’s not uncommon for me to wonder why I’m in school when I’m clearly older than the teacher, and probably more qualified.

Usually my dreams are pretty straight forward – like a few days before going to the dentist I’ll usually dream my teeth are all falling out. But I can’t connect to these school dreams at all.

Still at least for the past few years I haven’t had one where I suddenly find I’m missing my trousers and underwear as I enter the classroom.

XKCD had it right with this strip…



francis mahon said...

Been a fan of XKCD since I first stumbled on to it. Between itself and Savage Chickens, it offers a more useful perspective on life than 99% of the self-help books and life-coaches out there!

Charlie said...

I too have been having a recurring dream about work piling up at the office, but I cannot get there to do it. I haven't had an office (or any work to do) for thirteen years.

I strongly suspect it's the meds I take that are screwing with my unconscious subconscious.

Carole said...

You must be learning something, but haven't quite got the grasp. It's probably all this getting ready for the Canadian show for Maggie. Quite a learning curve I would think.

Jessie said...

I used to have reoccurring dreams around the close of college semesters that I had totally forgotten to attend a class all semester long and all of a sudden I am faced with the final test or simply failure of the class. I don't get them anymore - unless I have been around or have been working with college students then the dream comes right back like I'm in college again.

Anonymous said...

I have had dreams of college off and on for many years- typically anxiety driven, like I'm up there graduating and suddenly my advisor tells me that I'm short 2 credits so I can't graduate. What's bugging you?

Jimmy Bastard said...

Strange things dreams. I used to experience the same nightmare of driving up and down the M74 on a tractor. Always in the 3rd lane.

No punchline for once, I had it for years and could never figure out why this particular mode of transport.

savannah said...

i'm having accounting nightmares! sigh

i do like the learning curve concept re your are things progressing with the trip? xoxox

Kim Ayres said...

Francis - welcome to my ramblings and thanks for taking the time to comment. I wasn't aware of Savage Chickens - thanks for the heads up - I'll check it out :)

Charlie - if they ever produce meds that guarantee pleasant dreams, they'll make a fortune

Carole - my biggest learning curve at the moment is my photography. My understanding of, and passion for, it has grown dramatically over the last several months. Although I don't tend to dream about it

Jessie - I guess they never leave us completely. I remember my mother saying she still got them when she was over 60

Starrlife - my Fatigue bugs me more than anything else, but I don't tend to dream much about that

Jimmy - sounds like there ought to be a punchline for that - maybe you should run a competition for one :)

Savannah - not much moving forward at the moment. Our friend in Canada is heading into hosptital very soon and will be out of action for several weeks.

Although if you fancy coordinating an exhibition down your way... :)

Sarah said...

my comment disappeared.. but i know i left one. it was eaten.

so i will just say. you are not alone. i have the school dreams too.


Sarah said...

btw GIANT CONGRATS on the PotW, well deserved, beautiful portrait.

Kim Ayres said...

Sarah - thanks. and congrats on your PotD :)

Kanani said...

I'm not an interpreter of dreams, sorry!

Anyway, hope everything is going well. I'll be in Savannah next week and will try to send some cards to the kids.

savannah said...

you have mail!

debra said...

In my life, recurring dreams usually preface a time of growth and/or change. Anything on the horizon?
The trip?

Mary Witzl said...

I have that dream, Kim. I've had it periodically ever since I started, say, first grade. My mother used to have it too, decades after she graduated from university. She always dreamt that she hadn't prepared, hadn't done her homework, couldn't take a test. And she was Valedictorian of her class...

I suspect it's just our subconscious minds telling us we're not up to scratch. Oh, those nasty, insidious subconscious minds of ours!

PI said...

At my advanced age I still have dreams of being in the house at 10 to 9 with a 20 minute walk to get my little brother to school for 9am. I dream about the notes I never copied up in hospital training school and I dream of appearing on stage in a leading role not knowing my lines and dressed a short vest.
MTL assures me they are anxiety dreams and one doesn't appear to grow out of them.

Kim Ayres said...

Kanani - that's so sweet, thank you :)

Savannah - and what wonderful mail it is :)

Debra - more likely to be the photography - see my reply to Carole above

Mary - so do you think your students will be having dreams about their English Assignments from you in 40 years time?

Pat - oddly enough I get those dreams about being on stage with no idea of my lines too, but the last time I acted on stage was in school when I was 14

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