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Blogger Reflection Awards

I was hit with 2 memes in the comments of the last post.

One was from Binty McShae. For his I was supposed to list 8 true things about me plus one lie. However, having already done not only a 7 things about me post, a 6 weird things about me post, but also an epic 101 things about me, I don’t think I have 8 things left to list that are worth mentioning. So, with apologies to Binty, I will pass on that one. If you really want to know 8 things, but can’t be bothered reading the other meme posts, then just go to the 101 things and read entries 6, 12, 28, 57, 65, 78, 89, and 99

The other meme was the Blogger Reflection Award from Jeff over at Big Dawg Tales. According to the blurb, “This award should make an individual reflect upon five bloggers who have been an encouragement, a source of love, impacted you in some way, and who have provided a Godly example. In other words, five dear bloggers whom, when you reflect upon them, you are filled with a sense of pride and joy...of knowing them and being blessed by them.”

I struggled for a while with the overt slushy sentimentalism, while laughing hard at the idea that anyone would consider me a “Godly example” given my views on religion. However, there’s a deeper warmth behind the idea that made me feel it was worth acknowledging and participating in, so thank you Jeff.

A couple of months back I took part in the “Thinking Blogger Awards” and duly pointed anyone who was interested towards 5 bloggers who were must-reads from my side bar. Of course there’s always a problem of limiting it to 5, so I’m quite happy to now point you to 5 more bloggers who have impacted on me in a good way.

I would have mentioned BStrong from Down Syndrome Life, but he’s already been tagged. Besides, he gets a mention in a post I’m planning for a couple of week’s time.

So, for a real smorgasbord of style and content, my Blogger Reflection Awards go to:

Pat’s Past Imperfect
When I rearranged my sidebar listings, I had to create a new category for Pat – Hot Chocolate & Cream. Quite simply she is an exquisite indulgence. Just go back to the start and begin working your way forward through. But don’t rush. Take the time to savour each entry.

Hangar Queen
Devin is the kind of person you enjoy as a best mate. Thoughtful, caring, great sense of humour and prepared to go out and grab life by the balls, so to speak. Everyone has life challenges, well at least everyone whose blog I read does, and while there are common themes to many of them Devin is in a class all of her own. The practical problems facing a male to female transsexual are enough to make the mind boggle, long before you get to the emotional ones. (Now you know, go back and read her comment in my last post and you get a whole new perspective).

The Kitchen Bitch Ponders
A student of Philosophy, a fan of Nietzsche and an active protester against the threatened closure of our local university, I met Eryl on a story-tellers workshop back before xmas. She is relatively new to blogging but she’s a great thinker and a great read.

Hooters and Other Tales of Woe
Like nails being scratched down a blackboard, but in a good way. There’s a manic energy in ADW’s writing that makes you realise you’re alive. Strangely addictive

Sam, Problem Child Bride
Half the time I haven’t a clue what Sam’s writing about, but I love her to bits anyway. There’s a mind behind that writing that can twist visions of reality so far round it’s easy to forget normality exists. Her comments on my, and other posts, however, reveal an incredibly deep, caring and sensitive soul, with a combination of such strength and vulnerability you could weep.

All have at some time or another halted me in my tracks and caused me to stop reading, sit back, and reflect deeply on something they’ve said.

Go read and enjoy.

For the 5 awarded:

1. Copy this bit of the post.
2. Reflect on five bloggers and write a least a paragraph about each one.
3. Make sure you link this post so others can read it and the rules.
4. Leave your chosen bloggers a comment and let them know they’ve been given the award.
5. Place the award icon on your site


Carole said...

I had to take a peek at your post this morning on my coffee break and an hour later, I realize I need to get back to work, or my boss will slice my eyeteeth out of my head. But you picked some good bloggers to share. I will get back to reading them after I get home from work.

Sam, Problem-Child-Bride said...

Holy moo, Kim - these are some lovely words and you are incredibly generous and kind. I feel honoured to be on that list.


ADW said...

Oh my! I am ALMOST speechless. ALMOST. Hee Hee.

Thank you so much for the nod. Thanks as well for the new metaphore describing the kind of person I am:
"Like nails being scratched down a blackboard..."
It's so true (=

Binty McShae said...

What? You don't get "pride and joy" at knowing me? I'm not a source of love!!??

Well, *%#$ you, you ungrateful @%*#!!!

The Hangar Queen said...

Thank you so much.Words are failing me so it's a good job I'm typing this.
From the bottom of my rediscovered heart...Thank you..x

Archie said...

Heh heh heh - now you have two of this award! Don't worry, you don't have to participate yet again, unless you feel the urge. I know, not very original...but the rules say you can, I swear!

PI said...

Like Sam : i'm honoured and thank you. I am trying to fulfil the requirements before a brief trip and
am expecting Tom - a young man - who will help me with links and side bars. Just trying to get people's URL is a challenge!

Kim Ayres said...

Carole - that old "I'll just take a quick peek..." Fatal everytime.

Sam - I meant every word

ADW - in a good way - a good way!

Binty - I'm sure you know I love you deeply.

Hangar Queen - well if I'd known I was going to get this kind of reaction, I'd have been handing out awards every week :)

Archie - thank you! And thanks for going and looking up the original rules :)

Pat - you can pick up my email from my profile. If you need any help with adjustments to your site don't hesitate to give me a shout. I know how to do most things quickly, easily and for free.

Eryl Shields said...

Ooh la! my drive to smugness is in the acendency. Not sure if that's a good thing, hopefully my instinct to modesty can keep it down a bit.

Thanks Kim you are so kind.

BStrong said...

Now that you mention the "Godly example" thing and your position on God, you have me laughing.

I also want to mention that I look forward to reading how your going to use me in an upcoming post. I can't believe that you actually plan your posts, but I guess that's why the're so darn good and insightful.

PI said...

Thanks for the offer of help Kim - especially if it's free:) I think I'm OK now . Have just been checking the two fellow awardees I didn't already know and they are good value.
Thanks again!

sarah said...

McShae: (laughing hysterically)

Kim, you're the type of blogger that inspires as well. the things you say about these people makes even me.. the most lazy complacent blogger on the net want to read and do better (with my blog)

hey.. maybe there should be a lazy/complacent award.

Kim Ayres said...

Eryl - it's essential you enjoy a smug moment. It's at the heart of all awards :)

BStrong - I don't usually plan in advance, but there is one thing I know I'll be mentioning

Pat - anytime :)

Sarah - the "Lazy Bastard's Award" - sounds great. I would say start working on the design straight away, but anyone we'd give it to wouldn't bother passing it on.

justin barker said...

how about 8 lies about you and one true thing?

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