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As I turn 57 today, suddenly 56 seems so young! 

Every birthday we are reminded that we've never been this old before, but as we move on to the next one, we realise we will never be that young again.

So those who complain about turning 50 (like I did), don't know the half of it.

And those who are worried about hitting 40? Get a grip!

And those who fear turning 30? You have no idea what I would give to be 30 again!!!

However, anyone over 58 who wants to tell me I'm making a fuss about nothing can just mind their own business...

Meanwhile, Meg, Maggie, our grandson Alfie and I took a wee trip down to The Dhoon Beach near Kirkcudbright for a picnic lunch, where there's the remains of a ship which can be found at low tide. And once again, Maggie spoiled me with a peanut buttery chocolate cake that was all filling and no cake - my favourite!

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