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Festive Wishes

3 months after the first Christmas items began appearing on the supermarket shelves, we have just one more sleep before the day itself.

I picked up my son, Rogan, from Edinburgh on Thursday; my daughter, Meg, has finished college; and my stepdaughter, Holly, will be staying over tonight with our new grandson, Alfie, who will be experiencing his very first Christmas.

Most of the presents are now wrapped, and Maggie has been busy cooking and baking for a good couple of days, preparing enough food for a small army – as she does every year - despite there only being 5 adults and one baby to feed this year.

Everything seems pretty much under control.

All that remains is for me to post a suitably seasonal image on this blog and wish everyone who visits here all the very best for the festive season and year ahead.

Despite the snowfall a few weeks ago, I didn't manage to get a single photo I thought looked vaguely Christmassy. However, when the tree was going up, I noticed Meg's fairy/angel (frangel?), which she created in primary school and still puts a smile on my face. I did use it as my season's greetings image 9 years ago - – but I thought I'd give it another go.

Whatever your social, cultural or religious beliefs, I really do hope the festive season is good to you and 2018 brings you closer to your goals and desires.


savannah said...

I love this time of the year! It may not be my holiday, but I love the spirit of Christmas, but most of all I love my friends! Happy Christmas to all y'all from everyone here at the Plantation! ;) xoxoxo

Kim Ayres said...

Savannah - any excuse for a bit of indulgence and family time is worth it :)

hope said...

And this year, 20 month old niece Gracie got to enjoy the wonder of oohing and aahing family members...mostly over her antics.

Hope y'all had the merriest of Christmases. Wishing you a wonderful 2018.


Kim Ayres said...

Hope - there's no doubt, small children - even babies that have no idea what's going on - really add to the festive enjoyment :)

daisyfae said...

This year, i was traveling for 10 days over the holiday and didn't bother putting up the tree. Although i have no regrets at the moment, i do gently miss going through those old childhood ornaments. My children are grown, but those tiny little reminders of their once tiny hands always make me smile. Beautiful photo. Happy New Year!

Kim Ayres said...

Dasiyfae - I can't imagine ever getting to the point where we're not the ones hosting Christmas in our family. Even if she was gasping her last, Maggie would still insist on over catering for however many turned up...

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