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Plasma Cutter

Earlier in the week I did a photo shoot out at the forge of artist blacksmith, Adam Booth. More on that will appear on this blog in a month or two.

However, several days earlier I went out for a recce. Although I've been there a few times, I needed to work out the best angles and potential lighting solutions beforehand. During the shoot it was important that I was able to concentrate on arranging people and props rather than rearranging the space.

Adam was quite happy to leave me to get on with it while he was busy cutting a sheet of steel with a plasma cutter at the other end of the workshop.

At one point I glanced over, and with the glow of the flying sparks it looked quite amazing, so I couldn't resist firing off a couple of shots.

I was quite pleased with how these turned out.


hope said...

If that's "practice" can't wait to see the end results. :) I actually heard the sound of it.

maurcheen said...

I love the colours.

When I was a young teen there was still a working forge in the market area of the city. I was always drawn to it. I would buy horseshoe nails from the blacksmith and turn them into crucifix by bending and securing with copper wire. (I sold them in school for pocket money.)
Sadly there is now a 'Superpub' & nightclub on the site.

Kim Ayres said...

Hope - less practice, more opportunistic. The staged photography allows me to control most of the elements in an image, which I prefer because trying to capture real life is much trickier and messier. However, on rare occasions I do manage to capture something as it happens, so it feels good when it actually works :)

Maurcheen - respect for your youthful entrepreneurial mind! Do you perform there at all? At least that would create some level of continuity :)

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