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Festive photos

The festive season is upon us and because I'm a photographer there's always a little pressure to come up with some kind of suitably seasonal image.

Needless to say the constant wind, rain, dull overcast grey skies, and complete lack of snow haven't helped much.

However, a little over a week ago we did get one rare cold and crispy morning with actual frost, so I dutifully went out with my camera and managed to capture a couple of likely images of ferns and oak leaves looking as though they'd been dipped in icing sugar.

(As always, click on the images for larger versions)

An appropriate seasonal message written over the top of one of them and that was my newsletter sorted.

Facebook, on the other hand, required a different approach. It's a while since I last updated my avatar but I had an idea to use some Christmas lights and the top hat I wear when I perform with The Cracked Man.

If I wasn't a professional photographer, a quick selfie with my phone would have been perfectly adequate. Unfortunately, with a reputation to uphold, a bit more work was required using speedlites, coloured gels and playing with textured overlays in Photoshop afterwards.

For a bit of fun and silliness I was quite amazed at the response - it has garnered over 200 "likes", making it my most popular avatar to date, by quite some distance.

Still, I don't doubt that if I'd stuck the hat on a kitten instead, it would probably have gone viral and broken the Internet...

Whatever your cultural or religious beliefs and practices, and whatever the weather is like where you are, I wish you all the very best over the festive season and for the year ahead!


neena said...
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Yaya Snaps said...

Hello to you now I must go back to Facebook and check your avatar. I love this one you've created...very festive and so you :) Wishing you and yours the very best during this season of holiday spirit :) Theanne and Baron at Yaya Snaps

And if you have time, someday, my main blog is located at :)

Kim Ayres said...

Theanne - thank you - hope the festive season is being good to you :)

Nuño said...

This selfie is becoming popular in my circles as an example of an artistic selfie; thank you for a counterargument to several discussions.

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