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The Poet - behind the scenes

OK, I couldn't resist.

After creating 4 different videos of David Mark Williams performing his poetry to camera, I had to put together another, using clips that didn't make the final cut. Included are never-before-seen bits of test footage at my house of Mark donning the round blue specs I use on stage with The Cracked Man, and trying out a few lines from The Devil's School of Motoring.

I realised once I'd completed the editing that it needed something to hold it together - a rhythmic bit of music - so I pulled out my bouzouki and bottle-neck slide and added a quick sound track.

I hope you've enjoyed my little journeys into the world of video making this past couple of weeks, and Mark's wonderful poetry and performances.

If you're interested in Mark's book, The Odd Sock Exchange, then you can buy a copy from Cinnamon Press here:

Normal service (whatever that is) will be resumed next week...


Pat said...

That brought tears to my eyes. Of laughter . Thanks Kim:)

hope said...

Nothing better than a giggling daffodil. :) Thanks for sharing and making me smile.

And if I need a soundtrack for my life, I'm coming to you. ;)

neena maiya (guyana gyal) said...

Hahaha, I love this.

I don't get to see creative work in progress around my neck of the woods [apart from mine, which feels lonely, creatively], this was great, you guys.

P.S. I covet those round-frame glasses. They will be trendy again after all those square frames, yay, and soon, everyone will be looking all seventies and artsy.

Kim Ayres said...

Pat - The image of you laughing brightens my day :)

Hope - it is hard to beat a giggling daffodil, it's true :)

Guyana Gyal - come over to Scotland and I'll introduce you to more artists than you can shake a stick at. And I'll photograph you wearing round framed glasses too :)

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