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Givember - an awesomely epic photo opportunity for local bands

How would you like an epic photo for your band, which you can use for posters, flyers, social media sites and/or even a CD cover?

As a musician as well as a photographer (I'm one half of The Cracked Man), I'm keen to help support and promote the vibrant music scene in this corner of Scotland, which is full of amazingly creative musicians.

Inspired by the Givember movement, I am offering a free photo shoot for local singers, musicians and bands based in the Galloway region, if an awesome image idea is possible.

CD Cover for "The Yahs"

If you want to fire up those creative brain cells to create an image that looks like it could be a film still, a scene from an amazing story, or something that makes you want to shout, "damn, that's cool!" then get in touch to arrange a time to meet up during November for a hot chocolate and start discussing possibilities.

And if, between us, we can decide on an attention-grabbing, visually-engaging photo idea, and can then work out how to create it using the right combination of location, outfits, props (if necessary) and Photoshop editing, then I will do the photo shoot for you for free.

Promo shot for "Finding Albert"

If you're interested, here's what happens next.

1. You phone or email me (subject "givember" - contact details on my website) to arrange a time and place to meet up during November 2015

2. You start talking to your band members, friends and/or parents, while looking at Youtube, Pinterest and Google images, and start scribbling down cool ideas.

3. We meet up for a hot chocolate (or other beverage of choice) and start discussing awesome band photo ideas.

4. Locations, outfits and props (if necessary) are sourced and a date is set for the photo shoot over the winter months.

5. Photo shoot takes place. I edit the photos.

6. You are licensed to use the photos for posters, flyers, social media sites and/or even a CD cover.

7. You pay it forward by helping to support and promote the local music scene whenever possible.

If this is of interest to you, then don't hang about. Due to time constraints there are only a limited number of spaces available, so get in touch as soon as possible.

AND - if you're a new band that's unrecorded, check out the amazing Givember offer by the other half of The Cracked Man, Marcus of MW Sound - he's offering a complete professional recording session for your first EP:


Pat said...

I worry about you doing it for free.

Kim Ayres said...

Pat - the local music scene is notoriously skint. Unlike the cities, there aren't the same number of venues who can afford to pay and many bands are doing gigs for little more than petrol costs and a few beers (I know because I'm in one). They'd love cool photos but cannot afford them. This is a way for me to do a few cool shots for a few local bands that would otherwise not have them. Hopefully I'll end up with a few interesting shots and a blog post or 2 out of it :)

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