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Demi and her boys

Demi wanted some family photos of her and her 2 boys.

The problem, she said, was her boys were not easy to photograph. One would be continually pulling faces, while the other would instantly fall into the only muddy puddle in a 20 mile radius. Formal shots seemed out of the question.

We met up for a hot chocolate and decided an afternoon on the beach would be a way to go about it. We would attempt a few family shots together on the rocks and then I would just follow them with the camera and catch them charging about, being themselves.

This required finding the right combination of availability and dry weather, which meant it was postponed several times. What had started off as a late August possibility eventually took place at the end of October. However, we were blessed with a sunny day and a deserted beach.

As expected, the boys found it near impossible to sit still in front of the camera, but it didn't really matter. Instead, the focus was on capturing personalities and interactions, which meant we ended up with a disc full of relaxed, fun and natural shots.

The beach we went to, not coincidentally, was only a few minutes drive from Cream of Galloway, so after a lot of throwing stones in the sea, clambering over rocks and attempting to fly a kite, we headed off for ice cream

However, it doesn't matter how beautiful the setting, or how skilled the photographer, in the end the family favourite was of them sticking their heads through the painted board...


Kateri Von Steal said...


I have one of those children who is IMPOSSIBLE to photograph. He's always moving, always making silly faces.

You captured the essence of this mother and her sons!

And yea, some of the best pictures I have are with our heads through a cutout!

savannah said...

I love the photos! LOL and absolutely loving the one they! chose!
One of my favorite shots of the coconut krewe was taken in New York City by the MITM. The 4 of them were walking ahead of us when he snapped the shot, 3 skinny boys dressed for the summer, and their little sister holding hands with her eldest brother. They were so happy that day. xoxoxo

hope said...

You must have the patience of a saint...or at least more than your average photographer. :) You Sir, are far above average!

Guyana-Gyal said...

I don't even know where to start...they're such beautiful photos, sensitive, poetic.

These pics look like still-shots taken from a film.

It would be interesting if they did this every so often, to capture their growth, and personalities.

Guyana-Gyal said...

And not cutesy-poo!

Kim Ayres said...

Kateri - The advantage of a cut-out is it keeps them in one place ;)

Savannah - some unplanned shots are amazing. The problem is trying to repeat the process without planning it... :)

Hope - I don't find it too difficult to have patience when photographing other people's children - so long as they're not kicking me. The parents already know what their kids are like so I don't get blamed if most of the photos are of them pulling faces :)

Guyana-Gyal - I think there might be ideas for doing this every so often, precisely for that reason :)

Pat said...

You did well. My younger son was hopeless to photograph. Ironically he has been a photographer for years.

Kim Ayres said...

Pat - I was dead easy to photograph - as soon as the camera came out I would rigidly stand to attention with a fixed smile on my face. Of course. getting a "natural" photo of me was damn near impossible... :)

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