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Spring Fling 2010

For the 3rd year running, Maggie is flinging her studio door open this weekend for the annual Spring Fling Open Studio event.

More than 80 artists and craftspeople are involved across the whole of Dumfries and Galloway, SW Scotland, including sculptors, painters, weavers, wood turners, photographers, potters and more.

2 years ago (see Spring Fling 2008) we had nearly 350 people pass through our door over the 3 days. Last year (see Spring Fling 2009) it was in excess of 500. However, given the financial crisis that everyone except the bankers are suffering from, hopes are not high for a record-breaking year of visitors or sales this time round.

Like last year, the corner I occupy with my laptop in Maggie’s studio has to be given back, so I’ll be moving from kitchen to living room to bedroom every time I want to access the Internet or edit photos.

Unlike last year, however, Rogan will not be taking a table onto the closed off high street for Food Town Day to sell his home baking. Instead he is supplying our friend Kerry who is opening up her house in the village of Auchencairn for the weekend.

See The Captain's House.

Auchencairn doesn’t have a café or tearoom, so Kerry thought it might be a good service to offer the Spring Fling visitors the chance to rest their weary feet and enjoy some refreshments in pleasant surrounds. She is also displaying arts and crafts for people to peruse while slurping a cuppa and nibbling a fruit scone, including a couple of artworks of Maggie’s and a handful of photos of mine she fell in love with from my 2009-in-Photographs collection

With it also coming up to the last few days of my Portrait Exhibition at the Mill on the Fleet in Gatehouse, this weekend has loomed very large in the Ayres household and the rest of life has all been put on hold until June 1st, when we will collapse in a heap.

If you’re anywhere near the region, it is a wonderful trail to trek around.

And if anyone would like to meet up for a coffee en route, then don’t hesitate to get in touch.


mapstew said...

Kim, Ye are, from your description here, living in a most wonderful community!

Best of wishes to Maggie and all the artist and craftspeople. :¬)

Kim Ayres said...

Mapstew - I don't have roots in any one area. I was born in Cornwall, where my parents only lived for a few years, and we moved when I was 2, so I've been an "incomer" for my entire life.

I've lived in various parts of England, Wales and Scotland, and without doubt, here is the place that feels more like home than anywhere else :)

hope said...

I'll have to merely send best wishes to your household...although reading about Rogan is making me hungry. :)

Here's wishing y'all all the your little corner of the world, whichever room it might be in. ;)

savannah said...

from where i'm sitting i can see the photo you were so kind to share with us! i can only wish i could be with all y'all and share the fun with the glorious aryes clan! xooxoxo

Charlie said...

You have no idea how wonderful all of this sounds and, likewise, no idea of how much I wish I could be there.

I wouldn't even act like a tourist.

Eryl Shields said...

Good luck with it all. I've had the Spring Fling brochure on my desk for months now and still haven't got round to opening it.

Carole said...

Best of luck. Have fun and don't go too crazy.

Jayne Martin said...

It sounds absolutely delightful. I wish I could magically transport myself there to enjoy the festivities with you and Maggie.

Someday..... said...

I sooooo wish I lived near you! I would come and hang out for a bit!! Have a wonderful time!

UjSen said...

From your description, you make living in Southern New Delhi India with temperatured above 45 * Celsius seem like hell.

I wish i could fly down there right now.

Kim Ayres said...

Hope - if you really want to make your mouth water, check out Rogan's site These are not just cakes... :)

Savannah - it warms my heart to know there's a photo of mine hanging on your wall half a world away :)

Charlie - you could put on a kilt and no one would know... ;)

Eryl - I still have to decide where me & Meg will be going over the weekend too

Carole - I can't go too crazy - I get worn out too easily. So I have to pace my craziness...

Jayne - you would be made very welcome if you did :)

Someday - May is definitely the best month of the year to visit Scotland - the weather is usually a bit better and the flying biting insects haven't started biting too much yet

UjSen - I guess that depends on how much you like the heat. It rarely gets above 22* here and was 7 last night

asmita said...

came back to ur blog after quite sometime. ur new profile looks more alive... not that ur previous one looked the opposite or anything, but... :)

UjSen said...

Damn, the weather's perfect there.

litzi said...

Hi Kim,
Your plans for the Spring Fling Open Studio sound so idyllic and pastoral. I hope you, Maggie, Rogan and Meg have a marvelous weekend. You can all collapse on Monday from exhaustion!

Anonymous said...

That sounds like such a lovely event. Too bad I won't be in Scotland until June. :(

Mary Witzl said...

Sigh... I would love to have a cup of tea and one of Rogan's scones in Auchencairn after visiting your house. And I wouldn't act like a tourist either.

debra said...

I'd love to meet for a cup of coffee-- and I will bring the cups! (yours will be fired next week :-)

Anonymous said...

Upon revisiting the photography of and at "The Mill Exhibition" I have to say I love your photos. Some very cool events in the future & ending.

pilgrimchick said...

Sounds like a fantastic event. I hope it goes well.

Pat said...

Sheer cruelty to mention all those goodies to them as can't make it.
Nevertheless I hope it all goes swimmingly and despite The Squeeze is rewarding in all ways.

Kim Ayres said...

Asmita - welcome back :)

UjSen - I wouldn't mind swapping for a few days :)

Litzi - Maggie and I have collapsed. Rogan has the energy of youth on his side though :)

~:C:~ - which part of Scotland are you visiting?

Mary - we'll can sort you out with a scone when you return, I'm sure :)

Debra - sounds perfect :) Really looking forward to the new mug!

Allen - Thank you for your kind words :)

Pilgrimchick - it did, thank you :)

Pat - the worst bit was the smells around the house with Rogan baking all week, and not being allowed to touch any of them

Anonymous said...

Jedburgh, Edinburg, and Gretna Green. At least that's what our tour's tentative itinerary say.

Kim Ayres said...

Gretna Green's about 50 miles from here if you fancy a detour for a coffee :)

Anonymous said...

That sounds really lovely - alas, my friends and I are taking a bus tour, which brings (I imagine) about three dozen other people into the equation. Maybe next time? : )

Kim Ayres said...

I guess it will have to be then :)

Anonymous said...

It's a date. lol

P.S. I left a comment for you on my blog - I think my post was unintentionally misleading, so I clarified about the pictures.

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