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Flow - An Exhibition of Textile and Mixed Media Art by Maggie Ayres

"Flow" is the 2nd solo exhibition of Maggie's, following on from "Beginnings" earlier this year in Castle Douglas.

This one is at the Tolbooth Art Centre in Kirkcudbright and will running from Wednesday 28th November until Saturday 8th December, from 11am to 4pm every day except Sunday. She's not exhibited here before so we have no idea whether anyone is likely to turn up or not.

To say that life has been a little hectic over the past few weeks would be something of an understatement. Unfortunately with my increased tiredness levels we haven't been able to promote this event to anything like the degree we intended, so if you know of anyone you think might be interested then do let them know.

More information can be found on Maggie's website on the Exhibition page.

And for those who would like a poster of the event, either as a keepsake or to stick in their window, then you can download a PDF version by right-clicking on the image below.

Poster for Maggie Ayres' Flow Exhibition of mixed media and textile art

And of course, if you know anyone who might be interested in signing up to her monthly newsletter, then please point them to:

I've decided that I'm going to sleep through January. Hibernation is the future.


Tom said...

My wife and I are awed by some of your wife's creations. (We watched the original Youtube video and checked out her website.) Wishing we could be in that part of the world to support her. Hope it goes well, and maybe she could sew you a warm quilt for your hibernation.

Eryl Shields said...

Ooh, I wonder if I might make time to come and have a look. I still fantasise about 'Forest' If only I hadn't blown two tyres this week and the roof didn't leek and the down pipe by the front door wasn't directing torrents in through the front door...

One day we'll get on top of things and I will commission a 'Forest' of my own.

Sam, Problem-Child-Bride said...

Well done, Maggie! It looks terrific. I wish you the best of luck with it.

Canadian Girl said...

Wishing your lovely Maggie the best of luck for her exhibition, and a return of energy for you, dear Kim.

Carole said...

Loved Maggie's work. Poked around on her website, as I have done before and wish I was in Scotland this very minute so I go to the exhibition. I loved her voice.

PI said...

Good luck Maggie. Your creations are truly beautiful and deserve wide recognition. and how great to hear a real Scottish voice as well as Sam's.

apprentice said...

Good luck with the exhibition. Wish I was nearer as I'd come to view it.

Mary Witzl said...

I can imagine how much you're going through, getting ready for this, but we'll be there. I can't say when, but I know we're going!

Kim Ayres said...

Tom - Thanks :)

Eryl - I hope you can make it. Let me know this time if you can and maybe you could stop in for a coffee in Castle Douglas on the way or way back

Sam - thanks

Canadian Girl - thank you

Carole - I love her voice too. In fact in my first business I had her record my answerphone message

Pat - thank you

Apprentice - if you find yourself in the area, do let us know :)

Mary - do let me know when you're heading over

Restaurant Gal said...

I finally had a moment to check this out. What incredible works your wife creates. I am particularly drawn to the purples/blues/greens in some of the pieces. Just amazing.

Eryl Shields said...

I promise to let you know and to pop in to CD.

Kim Ayres said...

Restaurant Gal - thank you! And if you know of any restaurants that would look good decked out with her artwork, be sure to point them to the website :)

Eryl - Look forward to seeing you :)

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