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Rogan doing his pumpkin impression!


Gyrobo said...

Halloween these days is all about the pumpkins and candy. Whatever happened to the pagan rituals?

Ramana Siddharth said...

hey kim u have such adorable kids..ur son looks quite naughty :)reading u write abt playing the mandolin makes me want 2 start swimming again.i used 2 love its abt 2 years since i swam last..did u have a teacher or did u self learn?u seem 2 have met a lot of interesting people from different places.u plan 2 come 2 india anytime?

Kim Ayres said...

gyrobo - you have to blame the christians for that one

siddharth - I had guitar lessons for a wee while when I was young, but I taught myself the mandolin.

If swimming is something you have a passion for then go and do it. Don't let it slide, because you lose a part of yourself when you drop your interests.

And no, I've never been to India, but one day I would love to go!

BStrong said...

Rogan looks like you, not that you and he look like pumpkins or anything. You have good looking kids Kim.


Kim Ayres said...

He has a beautiful mother, but he gets his pumpkin looks from me.

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