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Weight Loss Blogs

Needless to say, having set up Losing a Hundredweight, I thought I’d see if I could find other like-minded sites out there in blogworld.

Too many hours wasted.

What I’d hoped, nay, expected, to find were plenty of blogs by people who were out there losing weight, getting fitter and sharing what works and what doesn’t.

What I actually found was hideously depressing. There appears to be only three kinds of blogs to do with weight loss:

1. Non-starters.
I lost count of how many sites have one, or maybe two entries that start along the line of “My plan is to lose 40 lbs before Christmas and this blog is going to detail my highs and lows, record my experiences and help me along with my quest. By writing this down, I know it will help to keep me motivated over the coming weeks.” Dated October 2003 and there are no further entries. So many people starting with great enthusiasm that has vanished within a week.

2. Lipophobes
There are just too many sites out there of people (primarily, but not exclusively, young women) who are clearly suffering delusional self-images and are obsessed with the culture of thin. Not health, you must understand, but thin. People for whom the term ‘ideal weight’ would place them somewhere between a baked bean and a helium balloon.

3. Money Makers
The only other sites I could find of people who had lost weight wanted to charge me a minimum of $24.99 to discover their secrets.

I mean, yes, I know the multi-billion $$$ world of dieting is screwing up millions of people’s metabolisms, mental health and bank balances, but I really thought that there must be some people out there who have a reasonably sensible attitude to the whole thing. But I gave up looking after several wasted hours.


BStrong said...

Keep your weight loss blog going. Maybe the other bloggers you refer to stumbled upon the same realization about weight loss blogs as you did and decided to give it up. I bet that most of the blogs that you have found are written by people from the states. This country is so crazy about appearances and fitting in. It’s those damn magazines that plant that little bug in their head telling them that if they don’t look like this cropped, airbrushed, filtered pictures than you are a nobody.

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Kim Ayres said...

I think it's common throughout Western culture - the drive to be thin at any cost.

OK, I know being heavily overweight isn't good for anyone, but being underweight is even more unhealthy than being obese.

Anonymous said...

I think it's great you continue to blog and post weight loss stats, just been reading losing a hundredweight - motivational and you don't pretend it's all happily ever after! when you reach a "target".
Think you might like
like you both girls write entertainingly about their struggle to lose and then keep off a large amount of weight whilst dealing with real life and it's challenges.


Winterjade said...

I also think it is great! I have lost about 150lbs over the last 2 years, and reading some of your blogs I am thinking of starting one...not so much of my journey of the weightloss but what I do now and my stuggles...Thanks :)

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