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The Halloween Photo Challenge - and Episode 81 of Understanding Photography with Kim Ayres

Samhain, Halloween, The Day of The Dead!

We are at that time of the year when, according to some beliefs, the barriers between the worlds of the living and the dead become thinner, and cross overs can happen.

Ghosts, ghouls, vampires, witches, skeletons, zombies, monsters, wearwolves, mummies, or even our ancestors might be roaming the land.

Costumes, guising, trick-or-treat, pumpkins, carved turnips, jack o' lanterns, spiders, webs, and black cats are all part of the cultural props that accompany this time of year.

This, then, is the Challenge I'm setting for the next podcast – create and submit a photo that captures the fun, or spookiness, of these celebrations!

See how you get on – I'm really looking forward to seeing what people are going to produce! But if you find you're struggling, then you can still submit a photo you're having difficulty with - just explain the problem and I can include suggestions and ideas in the podcast too.

Either place your submission (just the one please) into the Understanding Photography with Kim Ayres Facebook Group:

or email it to me if you don't do Facebook.

And when you submit your image, please tell us a little bit about it – either what it is, or why you decided to take it, whether it has any particular significance for you, or any challenges you had to overcome.

Try and get it in before the end of the weekend, or by Monday (1st November) at the latest. Anything that arrives on Tuesday runs the risk of not being included in the podcast.

You can use a phone, tablet, point-and-shoot or DSLR (or mirrorless).

And then, make sure you tune in to YouTube here -

on Tuesday 2nd November at 7.30pm (UK time) where I'll go through the photos, and give comments and feedback, and hopefully we will all become inspired by some of the submissions to go and try out new things with our photography.

Meanwhile enjoy Episode 81, where we review the images submitted to the Asymmetrical Symmetry Photo Challenge I set last week, and I reflect on the idea that I should really have just called it "Symmetry, but not quite" to avoid confusion...

And if you decide to click through and watch it directly on YouTube (rather than here on the blog), then you can watch the Live Chat Replay and see the comments people are writing in real time as the podcast progresses.


2:01 - Welcome, what's coming up, greetings and comments
7:40 - Introduction to the Asymmetrical Symmetry Challenge
9:53 - Ben - garden leaf
13:30 - Debbie - black and white cup with reflection
17:39 - Opti - windows, walls and texture
22:00 - Garry - clock
28:20 - Matt - lighthouse
33:55 - Viji - leaf skeletons
41:06 - Inga - columns, stairs, people, but is it symmetry?
45:20 - Jim - money
50:40 - Mac - avenue of trees
56:00 - Nurije - gap in the rocks
1:04:51 - Roy - red bins
1:07:15 - Sandra - heart shapes
1:12:10 - Stacy - The Franklin Institute
1:15:14 - Vandana - escalators
1:19:08 - Mark - Crawick Multiverse, and a symmetrical building
1:25:55 - Nicola - under the bridge
1:29:20 - The tilt shift effect
1:35:17 - Rose-Marie - still life of tin cans
1:39:18 - NOTE: The clocks go back in the UK this weekend, so timing might be different next week in your country - check online
1:41:35 - Coming up next week - the Halloween Photo Challenge
1:48:07 - End

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