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Optimism - and Episode 32 of Understanding Photography with Kim Ayres

You know, I don't think that went too badly after all.

Despite the fears that introducing a new element to the podcasts might have resulted in most of my regulars deciding to give it miss, engagement actually went up.

The "Rain Challenge Special" last night had 17 different people send me around 25 photos, and in the chat area there were over 100 comments – not just for me, but many among each other.

Almost feels like I might be on to something...

What started out 7 months ago as primarily me just talking into the webcam about photography, has moved from a one-sided conversation to the start of building a community based around a love of photography and a desire to improve.

I love the fact there are people from different parts of the world, different religions, different cultures, different genders, different age groups, different skill levels, and different struggles.

Diversity is what helps us grow.

To see the world as others see it, and not just be restricted to our own viewpoint, expands our minds and our possibilities.

This is true of photography, and of course it's true of life.

It's still a very early stage and on a very small scale, but I can feel an optimism that if we carefully nurture it, this could grow and evolve into something quite beautiful.

Meanwhile, feeling a sense of success from last night, I've decided I will turn the themed challenge into a regular monthly event for people to participate in and share with everyone else who wishes to take part.


0.00 - What's coming up
4.25 - The difficulty of photographing rain, and the best way to go about it.
22:05 - Effects of rain droplets on glass
34:25 - Effects of raindrops on plants
56:20 - Using reflections
1:26:00 - Coming up next week
1:27:40 - End

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Viji said...

You inspire many of us in picking our cameras and take pictures. I enjoyed the rain challenge and the podcast. I was surprised when I received an FB friend request. It's lovely to be a part of the community. Thank you, Kim 😊

Kim Ayres said...

Viji - the community pretty much started with you - you were one of the first, and have continued to be, the most supportive in helping me grow these podcasts :)

Monica Mabey said...

Am ashamed to say this is the first episode I have managed to watch.(I have 4 days off work so some time to myself!) Absolutely fascinating and I'm now keen to watch more, especially the challenges. I can see why people enjoy photography. I have to admit I couldn't even tell you where my camera is, but tomorrow I am taking my mother out for a walk amongst the trees on the common and I shall take at least one photograph. Thank you Kim.

Kim Ayres said...

Monica - nothing to be ashamed of - I'm absolutely delighted you decided to spend some of your time off watching the podcast!
It genuinely warms my heart that you took the time to do so :)

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