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If you build it... - and Episode 33 of Understanding Photography with Kim Ayres

I've been wondering about this blog.

Since I began the Understanding Photography with Kim Ayres podcast at the beginning of the first Covid-19 Lockdown, without fail I have written a post on Wednesday mornings and embedded the video of the previous night's episode.

Sometimes the posts have been about a specific aspect of the podcast, or about something that went wrong, or sometimes they have gone off on a complete tangent only loosely related to an idea triggered by it.

But coming up with fresh content week in week out is getting more and more difficult.

The podcasts themselves are relatively future proof, so long as people send me their images to critique. Even if many of the solutions are repeated – shutter speed, use of diagonals or backlight etc – each case is unique. So the content is infinite and yet always fresh.

These blog posts, however, are mostly a reflection of my state of mind – and that can be somewhat repetitive.

Especially in these Covid times, which so often have such a Groundhog Day feel to them.

How do you write something new when the world keeps repeating itself?

You might get one post out of pointing it out, but after that you're just repeating yourself, yourself...

It might help if I knew there was anybody reading it.

I do get the occasional comment, but it's pretty rare. Blogger statistics tell me each post gets anything from 50 to 150 views, but a view is not necessarily a read. A click and a click back after glancing at the headline counts as a view, even though it wasn't consumed.

So I start wondering - is it worth the time and energy (and these things are in such short supply when you live with ME/CFS) to keep going with it?

There is so much marketing advice out there that tells you to write a blog to help build a following. But I've had this blog for over 15 years and just because I built it doesn't mean anyone's looking at it.


Feeling tired and low this morning, and therein also lies part of the problem – when you feel crap, it's difficult to think with enthusiasm and positivity.

So to the one, possibly two, possibly no people who actually read this – ignore me, I'm just having a bad day.

Take a look at the podcast below – I was much more on form last night...


0.00 - What's coming up
6.35 - Amber on a white pony in a bluebell wood.
16:35 - How to get the most out of the Critique section of the podcasts
22:00 - Critique of images submitted to the Facebook Group, "Understanding Photography with Kim Ayres" 1:24:09 - Coming up next week
1:25:30 - End

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Claire Ross said...

Hi Kim. Firstly well done on keeping your blog and webinar going. 33 weeks is an achievement whether or not you agree, you have done it and are doing it. So go a little easier on yourself. And secondly you are managing this living in limbo stuff better then you think. You are reaching out and connecting with people, making connections, making friends, making enthusiasm for photography grow and flourish, helping people learn new skills and have new perspectives.
I understand how it feels to live in a holding pattern, waiting for change, waiting for resolution, waiting for something, anything to happen. Almost exactly three years ago my husband became very ill very quickly. The doctors told us to say “goodbye” as he was unlikely to make it. So, devastatingly, we did. And he survived. And I am more thankful than I know how to say. He is my life. And it took him many many months to recover, and during those months we lived in limbo, lived with fear, uncertainty and repetition. Every day I woke up feeling anxious. And then we talked about it, how it felt, how it still feels some days, how it has affected us. And what we took from it is not “we lived with fear, anxiety and uncertainty “. What we took is “we lived”. And that single fact helped us to look outwards again. See beyond today and look with hope to tomorrow. Tiny steps some days, but steps nevertheless. Moving forward. Inch by inch. And that my friend, that is exactly what you are doing. You are moving forward. Some days in tiny steps. But moving forwards. So in answer to your question “is it worth it?” The answer is a resounding yes.yes it is. Continue to reach out and connect, you do it so well. Continue to write, you express yourself with clarity and honesty. Continue. Continue. Continue. Every day brings you closer to regaining your freedom, to getting you and M and M back into your grooves again. You give so freely to others, give of your time, skills and knowledge. But more than that, you give hope. So continue. Always continue. Xx

Viji said...

Dear Kim,

You are a gem and every podcast of yours is precious. One podcast itself is a great challenge. But you are consistent and done 33 podcasts and unbelievable. It's not just the podcast. You edit, post them in YouTube and blog about it. A great feat with your ME/CFS condition. Lots of love from India if that can make you feel better. This pandemic everyone of us feeling the ups and downs even more than ever. Now that Christmas season is coming up.. There should be more cheer, lighting up your neighbourhood and you will feel better. I am sure there are people reading your blog posts but few leave their comments.

I can't talk for everyone. But, for me you are my source of inspiration and Kim is a house hold name, right from my Dad, Mum, husband, son, Manoj's daughter Devna, everyone knows about Kim. Everyone knows Kim is a great photographer and a great person.
There are good number of submissions and consistent viewers for the podcast. It is a good news and hoping you will feel better tomorrow. I am looking forward to know more about the recent photograph you took on the woods. Cheer up Kim. Looking forward 😊

Kim Ayres said...

Claire - I didn't know about the situation with your husband - so sorry for the traumas you've had to endure.

I greatly appreciate your warm words and insights, and you sharing some of your journey.
Your point, "...what we took from it is not 'we lived with fear, anxiety and uncertainty'. What we took is 'we lived'." - is well taken and one I will certainly ponder on.

I have every plan to continue with the podcasts, but my concern in this post is really quite what to do about the blog. It's becoming increasingly difficult to come up with a new post each week when there aren't really any new deeper insights or interesting tangents to talk about. And given there's not much response, the question then rises - is it worth it to continue writing a blog post every week?

The podcast will keep going though, and I have plans to develop it further :)

Kim Ayres said...

Viji - you are so warm, kind and continually supportive - it is very greatly appreciated :)

I'm in a better headspace today, although as I said to Claire, above - while I will certainly carry on with the podcasts, unless I can find another way of approaching my blog posts, I will have to think about whether writing them each week is worth the time and energy it takes.

Look forward to our next catch-up :)

Yaya Snaps said...

Kim...I am unable to remember when I first found your blog...I bought my first real P and S camera prior to 2006, so probably sometime around then. And you were already going strong when I found you. I'm not even sure that it was photography that originally drew me to your blog...I remember liking your style of writing, your philosophy and learning about you and your family, You've been evolving and growing ever since. And now you're creating the podcasts and teaching about photography. If you were planning on deleting your blog account I'd say NO don't do least leave the archive there for folks to continue to be able to read what you've written. But I agree that at the very least it sounds like you need a break from the blog. You'll know soon enough if that works for you.

Kim Ayres said...

Yaya Snaps - welcome back - it's been a long time, but I remember you being a regular commenter many years back :)
I don't have any plans to delete the blog - with in excess of 1,100 posts, there's way too much of my history in here.
It's just feeling the struggle to come up with something new each week :)

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