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Cross Fertilisation - and Episode 30 of Understanding Photography with Kim Ayres

"Mwahahahahaaaa..." (evil laugh, possible wolf howling off in the distance)

It was supposed to be deep and resonate.

I forgot my throat is nearly always dry for the first couple of minutes of my podcast, so instead it came out a bit higher pitched than intended, and certainly no deep resonance.

And as for the wolf, well, I think you might just hear a car driving past...

That's the problem with a live show. You've had to commit to whatever comes out of your mouth, even as you realise it's not working. You can't do another take.

So much for my Halloween special introduction...

However, I think the rest of the podcast went well enough. Numbers were up, although I think that was largely to do with the fact potters, Fitch & McAndrew – who were the clients of photo shoot I was talking about - had shared the event page, the Instagram post, and the actual podcast as it went live.

And the reason I decided to talk about their photo shoot this week is because they are having their 5th Annual Online Exhibition this Friday, 30th October.

Here are the links to their website and their Facebook page – do go and take a look, and follow, subscribe etc

It's always lovely when you can get a bit of cross-fertilisation with other creatives: I introduce my followers to them and they introduce theirs to me.

It doesn't always happen. An awful lot of creatives I know are neither social media, nor marketing savvy. By and large they, quite understandably, want to get on with creating and not be distracted by having to promote themselves or their work, which requires a totally different skill set and brain wiring.

This is not to say that either Fitch & McAndrew, or I, are experts in any way. It's more a case of the "in the kingdom of the blind, the one-eyed man is king..."

We're all struggling along in our own ways. But to help each other out, however slight, is still a heart warming thing.

And it helps that they really are a wonderful couple with lovely kids, and I count them very much as friends more than clients.


0.00 - Halloween-style intro...
0.17 - What's coming up
6:32 - Photo shoot for potters, Fitch and McAndrew
30:00 - Cool birthday presents!
38:26 - Critique of images submitted to the Facebook Group, "Understanding Photography with Kim Ayres"
1:17:18 - End

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