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Too Much Cake – and Understanding Photography with Kim Ayres - Episode 16

I was less than 5 minutes into the podcast when I realised I wasn't operating on full power.

My brain was slower, I was filling gaps with "ers" and "ums", and for a moment I completely forgot the name of the person in the photos I was going to be talking about. Was it something beginning with A?


I glanced over to the folder with the images I was about to pull up on screen and was hugely relieved to see the filenames said "Gina" on them.

Not an "A" then...

After the experience of Episode 6, where I felt my low energy levels had made themselves felt with a performance that was distinctly less-than, I've been making more of an effort to pace myself throughout a Tuesday. I make sure I get a proper rest in the afternoon, and I don't allow myself to worry too much about the state the rest of the world is in (news is avoided, Facebook use is minimised).

However, it was Maggie's birthday yesterday, and a large slice of orange polenta cake covered in a chocolate ganache (on top of various other sweet treats throughout the day) had me feeling stuffed shortly before I sat down to begin the podcast.

This resulted in my body deciding digestion was more important than brain power, and redirected resources accordingly.

I sometimes wonder what these podcasts would be like if instead of doing them at 7.30pm, I went live at 11am, just after morning coffee.

I would probably deliver everything at high speed and it would all be over in 5 minutes...


0:00 - What's coming up
2:30 - The story behind a Tomb Raider inspired photo shoot
11:42 - How to make a flaming torch
25:20 - Critique of images submitted to the Facebook Group, "Understanding Photography with Kim Ayres"
1:07:34 - Coming up next week

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