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Ten Episodes! and Understanding Photography with Kim Ayres - Episode 10

Episode 10.
Episode Ten!

I've done 10 of these already!

Still here.

Still feel I have plenty to talk about with the photography.

Less to talk about with regard to how I feel about the live podcasts.

Or rather nothing really new.

My primary fears and concerns are now becoming rather settled and repetitive.

I'm definitely past the worst of being tripped up by the technology, and while the first minute or two I'm not relaxed, I think I'm settling into a stride more quickly with each episode.

However, the fact hardly anyone is submitting anything to the Critique section continues to be a real concern.

To me, this is the most powerful thing I offer. The first part is a just-for-interest chat about the story behind a photo shoot – a verbal version of one of my blog posts. The second part is a technique for composition, lighting or editing – although there are millions of YouTube videos out there doing that already. It's the last part – the feedback and critique on submitted images - which is the rarest, hardest thing to find on the internet, and the most valuable tool to be able to advance your photography.

So why is hardly anyone submitting?

This, then, overlaps with the other primary concern, which is numbers.

They are not rising.

Put out great content, they say. People will find you, they say. Soon you will have a large and loyal fanbase, they say.

Perhaps I'm listening to the wrong "they".

Perhaps I just haven't given it long enough. This might take a couple of years rather than a couple of months.

But at the moment, the viewing figures are getting lower and lower.

And it's very difficult not to get disheartened by that.

However, I do greatly appreciate the handful of hardcore followers that turn up each week, leave a comment and occasionally submit. Without them, it would just be me recording myself talking to myself about stuff I already know.

But where do I find more people like that?

Meanwhile, for those who wait for the accompanying blog post before they watch it, here is Episode 10 of Understanding Photography with Kim Ayres, in which I discuss:

0:00 - Introduction - what's coming up
1:18 - Background to the photo "Fantastic Mr Fox"
9:53 - Understanding backlighting in photography
26:49 - Critiquing images
59:10 - Coming up next week

If you've not done so already, please subscribe to my YouTube channel - – to help me build the numbers.

And, or course, if you would like to submit a photo for feedback, or just ask a photography related question, then do join my Understanding Photography with Kim Ayres Facebook group and I will put it into the following podcast:

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