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The Cracked Man on Alive Radio

"...Any track we decide to develop, we've both got to be 100% behind it, or we don't do it."

Last Thursday, Marcus and I appeared on Alive Radio's Thursday Night Showcase, talking about The Cracked Man. The three tracks of our EP were played on air and we did 2 extra songs live - "Moving on" and "Spaceman".

Live on Alive - thanks to Ali for taking this while we played

The show is normally hosted by Melissa Gunn, but she was recovering from an operation so Ali Donowho stepped in for her. His relaxed and friendly manner meant any pre-show nerves on our part soon dissipated.

If you'd like to hear the show, we were sent a copy which we uploaded to Soundcloud and I've now embedded below. I've also marked off where you can find the music if that's the bit you're interested in.

Our next live performance will be this Friday in Kirkcudbright as part of an evening " raise funds to help those fleeing persecution, war and downright inhumanity across the northern hemisphere."

Follow this link for more details


neena maiya (aka guyana gyal) said...

A Scottish accent. He says 'man' the way we do.

I'm listening to the show........

I'll be back, Cracked Man.

Kim Ayres said...

Guyana-Gyal - Hope you enjoyed the show :)

hope said...

I listened during Lunch was like a mini vacation with excellent music! :)

Well done! And as someone who knows deep South jazz...y'all nailed it.

Pat said...

Sounds great - pleasant change from Radio 2.

Kim Ayres said...

Hope - delighted you enjoyed it :)

Pat - thank you :)

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