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I recently left Scruffy Buzzards, the band I helped create and has been a significant part of my life for the past couple of years. "Creative differences" is a fairly standard reason given for anyone leaving a band, although "unresolvable personality differences" would be a more accurate description in many cases.

It was an extremely difficult decision to make and the process of reaching that point was accompanied by many restless nights. Like the ending of any relationship, it is not something that happens casually. Similarly, once the final decision has been made and carried out, it often becomes clearer that it had been on the cards for some time but denial and indecision had dragged it out longer than it should have.

However, this has not meant the end of my musical creativity. At the end of August last year, I collaborated with a local musician, Marcus Wright to do a couple of tracks for the launch of the Lost Wasp record label (blog post about that can be found here: Playing The Blues, Bouzouki Style...).

Marcus and Kim in full flow

And as The Mill Sessions season begins again in a few weeks, the 2 of us will be supporting the amazing singer and guitarist, Sean Taylor.

When Sean first played at the Mill 3 years ago, I took a photo of him for the Mill Sessions Hall of Fame. He was so delighted with the image he used it for the cover his his following album, Love Against Death.

Sean Taylor, Love Against Death

The support act lined up dropped out and the Mill Sessions were in need of a replacement. Because Marcus and I had enjoyed our wee musical foray together, we put ourselves forward for the slot and are now working on a few more tunes. And I have to say I'm loving it. The music we're creating is bluesier and edgier than the stuff I did with the Buzzards, which suits me down to the ground.

We haven't yet decided on a name, but I did have an idea for photo...

Having fun with a camera, Photoshop and a willing participant

If you're anywhere near SW Scotland on 1st March, then do come along. However, I'm aware several of the regular readers of this blog are several thousand miles away, and that makes it a bit trickier for them. Hopefully I'll find someone in the audience I can hand my camera to and ask them to film some of it.


Eryl said...

I'm so pleased you've found a musical partner whose style etc suits you so well. Love the photo, too.

kriss said...

Glad to see/hear about the new direction and look forward to hearing you live, wonky leg permitting xxx

Anonymous said...

Very nice session. Some things I remember here like the Mill Sessions Hall and Sean. Love his album photographs (and the post title)!

Kim Ayres said...

Eryl - Thank you :) I'm enjoying creating music with him. Now if we could just think up a band name then we could set up the facebook page...

Kriss - hope you can make it along! :)

Allen - thank you :)

injaynesworld said...

When these changes come in life, it's been my experience that the Universe always has something better for us. I'm thrilled for you! If I was in Scotland, I would definitely come to your concert. I might even toss my panties on the stage. ;)

maurcheen said...

Kim I was with my last band for 13 years, the last two drained me so much I actually suffered depression. I got panic attacks before every gig. Yet it took so much courage to leave. When I finally did get the courage my drummer quit with me. He had been feeling the same. We have been together in a band for 32 years now. ;-)

Hindsfeet said...

So Kim, I gotta know, what are the lyrics to this song (couldn't quite make the words out as he was singing), and do you ever sing too? Who wrote the music, I mean, is it your song or his? If this is too much for this forum, shoot me an email, enquiring minds wanna know ; )

love the bazouki/guitar combo....I play guitar, ya know, if "creative differences" ever crop up between the two of y'all, lemme know ; )

anyway, good on ya and good stuff, m'friend.....keep these snippets comin', and let us know when the first album is cut (do we still call 'em albums?)

happy hearts day over there m'dear,

Hindsfeet said...

Band name idea:


1st Album could be called:


**or** "Threads" could be a cool band name and "Strings-n-Stories could be the album name....

or how bout just

"The Storytellers"

(If you don't use "Threads" I'm gonna use it for my second book of poetry ; ) )

ooh! or how bout,

"The Moving Men"

I dunno, I kinda like that one....ya know, the whole mixed meaning....

well, anyway, there's my little contribution for the night from way over here across the pond.....I'll letcha know if I have any strokes of genius in the night

on that note,

nighty night m'friend,
Liz (again) ~*

what thinkest thou?

Pat said...

Good move and not one you have done hastily.
I hope all goes swimmingly.

Gyrobo said...

You music is quite a compelling argument for crossing the Atlantic. Totally digging the style.

hope said...

Yes record it please! We have our Fun Shoot Archery Clinic for our Soldiers on March 1st but I still want to hear you play. Best of both worlds, Wizard of the Cameras. ;)

Kim Ayres said...

Jayne - I've never had panties tossed onto the stage at any gig I've played. I look forward to the first time it happens :)

Maurcheen - thanks for sharing that - it helps :)

Liz - I don't sing - I'm not good at it and don't enjoy it, so I leave that to others. On this song, I wrote the music and Marcus wrote the lyrics, which are -

Standing here at the railway
Ten to nine on a Tuesday
Calling in for a sick day
Dreaming of home

Sitting up on the mountain
Far away from the shouting
Looking down to the sea
Facing the clouds

Playing there by the seashore
Children running their feet sore
Shouting up at the sky
Loving the sun


Pat - thank you - much appreciated :)

Gyrobo - hey! Long time no see/hear/read - hope you're keeping well. Let me know if you ever plan on crossing the sea in this direction :)

Hope - I can take photos and I can create music, but don't ask me to put up a shelf...

Gyrobo said...

I know, right? It's been years. Things are going pretty well for me, just lost track of how long it's been since I posted around here. I do hope to visit Europe eventually, traveling is something I've been putting off for too long. I'm actually about to embark on a cross-continental road trip, which reminded me of the global nature of blogging and brought me back to see what happened to everyone I used to talk to. It really was amazing when Blogger sprung up all those years ago.

katierobertsart said...

Great to here Kim! :)

Fantastic news. I really like the sound. Yes a name (and maybe someone on brushes of a box drum?) lets start talking about that tour again! :) So pleased for you, seriously... feels much more you!


Hmmm... are you looking for band name suggestions? I am thinking of names for local rocks and plants for some reason. Saltmarsh Sedge, Lewisian complex or Lewisian Gneiss (oldest rocks in Scotland! ;) )

You'll find it, I'm sure. So good to hear. Katie :)

Kim Ayres said...

Gyrobo - well I'm pleased all your nuts and bolts haven't rusted up in the meantime :)

Katie - thank you :) And I'm determined to make it out to Australia one day. I'll see if Marcus is up for a tour :)

Guyana-Gyal said...

I know how difficult change can be even though we want it, need it so badly. But when you make that move, wow, the whole world opens up.

I'm so excited for you, Kim. I hope you and Marcus make it!!

Kim Ayres said...

Thanks GG - hope you've seen my latest post and our more recent video :)

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