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A weekend of photography and art

This weekend is going to be rather busy.

Last year I teamed up with several other local, professional photographers to form the Galloway Photographic Collective. The idea is we are pooling knowledge, experience and resources to promote our businesses, photography, and this corner of Scotland.

It’s taken a few months and lots of debates and decision making, but we are officially launching this weekend.

On Saturday evening of March 31st, there will be a preview of our joint exhibition at The Catstrand, followed by a talk by internationally renowned photographer, Colin Prior.

The following day is an Open Studio Trail with 4 different venues where the public will be able to view photographs, talk to the photographers and sample their home baking.

It’s all looking to be quite an event.

Unfortunately, I’m not going to be able to attend as I had already arranged to be at the Scottish Tattoo Convention in Edinburgh that weekend (see earlier post) taking photos of people with ink-adorned bodies.

However, my photos will be on display at the Catstrand and at the Lock Ken Gallery and Café, where Allan Wright has kindly given me some wall space for the Open Studio Trail.

And if all this wasn’t enough, the WASPS Studio buildings in Kirkcudbright, where Maggie has her studio is also having an open weekend for the public to view and buy art direct from the artists.

So if you're any where near the South West of Scotland this weekend, there's a visual feast to be had.

If you'd like to keep up to date with developments and events from the Galloway Photographic Collective, then do visit and "Like" our Facebook page, which can be found here:


Anonymous said...

Cool photo/s. I was looking forward to your photos from the tattoo convention.

Anonymous said...

Now doubt this will be a visual feast!!!! Congratulations!!! And so happy for Maggie, too!!!

hope said...

Best wishes with ALL of your endeavors. :)

mapstew said...

Best of luck Kim! Can't wait to see the tattoo pics. :¬)

Pat said...

Good luck to both of you.

Greg said...

I'm curious since you carry an interest in tattoos, or at least photographing them. Do you have any yourself? Do you have a post about it? I only have 4, but am planning on many more... I'm a huge fan and certainly see it as an art form rather than a taint of the body (like many). Though they are becoming more widely recognized and accepted, there are still many so against it. Here's my reasons for why I have what I have and the list of future ones:

A Daft Scots Lass said...

Oh my soul. I adore tattoo photography. So much so that I wanted to do another tattoo challenge on my blog but funny enough I only got two people sending me their photos.

It was surprising as I've done these challenges in the past and was inundated with images.

All the best!

Kim Ayres said...

Allen - be patient, I haven't got to the convention yet :)

Conny - thank you :)

Hope - thank you :)

Mapstew - thanks - I hope I manage to get some good ones worth sharing :)

Pat - thank you :)

ASPIGP - A couple of posts ago - see Portrait and Tattoo Photography. I explained why I never got round to having a tattoo :)

Gillian - good tattoo photography seems to be hard to find. There are a couple of dozen decent photos on the net, but whatever search terms I use, they always turn up. It's difficult to find much more

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