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Interview by Conny Wenk

One of my favourite photographers, Conny Wenk, has started a new blog series called “25 on Tuesday”.

The idea is to interview creative people she has met over the years (via blogging or real life), and to start off the series I feel rather honoured that she’s chosen me.

So if you’re interested in finding out something I consider to be over rated, or what the last book I read was, then pop over and take a look – 25 on Tuesday: Kim Ayres

However, if you’re not a regular visitor to Conny’s site already, then ignore my post and keep scrolling down to enjoy some of the most wonderful photography on the Internet.

Conny has an immense talent for relating to people and getting the best out of them via her camera. I defy you to spend 10 minutes scrolling through her photos and not end up with a warm smile across your face.

Visit and add her to your favourites.


Pat said...

Reckon I'll just mosie on over there.

Conny said...

Thank you so so much, Kim! Again, I would kill for having just a mere 1 percent of your talent!!!!!

Sandy's witterings said...

Interesting interview Kim - I recon there's a few things in there I didn't know about.

Carole said...

That was a great interview. I will go over and check out some of her pics. But I am partial to yours.

hope said...

What a cool way to start off the new year!

And I love the intensity of Meg's she knows just a tad bit more than the rest of us and finds it amusing that we don't see what she does. :)

Eryl said...

Good lord, is there to be no end to your ascendancy?!

The shot of Meg is tremendous.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Kim! I added it in my links.

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed your interview with Conny...I haven't taken 10,000 photos yet so I'm still in the comfort zone of learning to be an amateur photographer! When I have your photos and Conny's to look at I really wonder why I don't just crawl back under a rock ;-) Thank you for sharing the info. about interview...I enjoyed meeting Conny and reading about your wife's "Bramble Crumble"...did I miss a recipe somewhere along the way? Looking forward to your 2012 photos Kim! A good New Year to you and

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the interview too, very interesting. Answer 24 I found intriguing. Rumination is a big problem for me, maybe even the only problem. I get the theory of obeserving thoughts but just can't translate it into practice. Rather than being seperate I am very much fused with my negative chatter. It seems to me the voice that used to be quiet is now to loud to ignore. I am starting some mindfulness so hoping that will help over time.

I love the portrait of the little girl. Can I ask if the effect is done in the camera or post processing. The reason I ask is I have seen it done a few times before always wondered. By "effect" I think I mean warm tones but I'm not much use on th lingo.

All the best


Kim Ayres said...

Pat - I hope you liked what you found :)

Conny - don't be silly - your talent puts the rest of us in the shade :)

Sandy - can't be much :)

Carole - Conny and I have very different styles. I keep thinking we could do quite a good joint project called light and dark as her photos tend to be light and joyous, whereas mine are often dark and moody :)

Hope - that is one of my favourites of Meg. And yes, we see that look of hers over the top of the glasses quite often :)

Eryl - I felt deeply honoured to be chosen by Conny as her first for the new series. Feels like my photography is being taken seriously :)

Allen - thank you :)

Theanne & Baron - never compare your photography to other people's - it doesn't matter how great yours is, there will always be someone better. However, what you can do is be inspired, and I find Conny's work inspirational :)

Nechtan - I think mindfullness is definitely a help for those of us who suffer from mental and emotional overloads. Keep at it and I'm sure it will help :)

As for the effect with Meg, it depends what post processing programmes you use. I use Photoshop and what I did was create a slight sepia overlay, which warms the tones

Anonymous said...

Hi Kim,

Thanks for the encouraging words on mindfulness. I will keep at it. And thanks for taking the time also for the explanation on the process for Photoshop. I see that now, makes sense now. Again it is a beautiful image.

All the best


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