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Rory is 30

Today my stepson, Rory, turns 30.

I’ve known him since he was about 9½.

He’s staying with us for a few days at the moment. Our relationship is a good one, and last night the two of us were chatting in the kitchen long after everyone else had gone to bed.

30 seems like such a big milestone. In an odd way, it now feels like he’s now in the same age bracket as me, even though I’m 14½ years older.

I think the thing about turning 30, is you are now, definitely, can’t-pretend-any-longer, a grown-up. If your life isn’t going the way you want it to, you have to sort it out yourself. You can no longer blame your schooling, your boss or your parents, and you cannot wait around in the hope that someone else is going to come along and change your life for you.

If that was going to happen, it would have happened already.

Physically, we go through our most rapid changes in our teens. But it is through our 20s that we change the most mentally – when we really become the adult. In many ways, at 20 years old, we have more in common with our 12-year old self, than we do with out 30-year old self.

Certainly now, I see Rory as more comfortable in his own skin than at any time in the past.

I can no longer call him a good lad. Now I have to say he’s a good man, and I’m proud to be his stepfather.

Happy Birthday Rory.


mapstew said...

Happy Birthday Rory!

I see he's had a haircut! :¬)

Kim Ayres said...

Well observed! And he's heading over to Ireland sometime soon. Not sure which bit yet.

mapstew said...

Moving here? Or just a visit?

neena maiya (guyana gyal) said...

Happy Birthday, Rory. I must say, you look very Caribbean. I can almost hear the steel-pan playing :-)

Kim Ayres said...

Mapstew - Just a visit, as I think he plans of heading to Kent for fruit picking this summer. He's heading down to Devon after he leaves here though.

Guyana-Gyal - give him a steel pan and he'll cook something good - a skill he gained from his mother :)

AA said...

Happy birthday Rory. :)

angryparsnip said...

Great photos !
Happy Birthday Rory !

I assume there will be cake....

cheers, parsnip

Eryl said...

Very happy birthday to Rory.

Where have his curls gone?!

Kim Ayres said...

Adila - thank you, I will pass it on :)

Parsnip - there was, and it was lovely :)

Eryl - I know - he went from looking like Rogan to looking like me - a bit of a downward route I think

hope said...

Happy Birthday to Rory....and a pat on the back to the man who influenced him positively. :)

Amanda said...

I agree...turning 30 is a milestone...even though I am a couple of years into my 30's I like to say that I feel younger than my age. Which could either mean I am young at heart or just immature. Who knows. ;)

This was sweet. Happy Birthday Rory!

Jayne Martin said...

Happy Birthday, Rory. You're a fine-looking young lad.

I can still call you a lad because I could be your freakin' grandmother.

You lucked out with your step-dad, but I'm sure you already know that.

Ron said...

Excellent portrait photography Kim! Your talent continues to amaze me. Why you haven't been discovered yet is one the Mysteries of Life. Just goes to show you that sometimes there is no justice in the world. I guess you have to be at the right place and the right time. However, in the meantime you give a lot of people pleasure by taking these photos and thus recording forever in history not only the image of the person but their personality which you seem to capture so effortlessly.

Ponita in Real Life said...

Wishing Rory a Happy Birthday... he's a handsome young man, curls or no. And having a great relationship with him is a wonderful bonus!

Pat said...

I know there is no blood relation but you could be his older brother.

'If your life isn’t going the way you want it to, you have to sort it out yourself. You can no longer blame your schooling, your boss or your parents, and you cannot wait around in the hope that someone else is going to come along and change your life for you.'

This is so true and if some people accepted this they would give themselves a chance of happiness.
Happy Birthday Rory!

debra said...

Happy birthday to Rory, and birth day to his mom :-)
I remember thirty. It was the way it sounded, rather that the number, that got to me. TH sounded so much harsher than TW.

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday to Rory. Those are great pics.

When you look at 30 from the standpoint of 57, it seems so very young.

Kim Ayres said...

Many thanks for all birthday wishes - I have pointed him to this post to read them.

Although I don't think he's ever commented on a blog, I do know he's appreciative of all the well wishes :)

Anonymous said...

Well, I agree with you, thirty is a watershed period. There is astrological basis as well for that vibe - it can be a huge shift in our perspectives. He is a handsome man and certainly well photographed by his talented step-Dad. It speaks well of both of you that you have a warm relationship! Oh and Mom too of course! Happy B-day!

Kim Ayres said...

thanks :)

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