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Hung over... again

This morning was only the 2nd time in 18 months I’ve been hung over (see Hung Over for the last time).

And it was for exactly the same reason as last time.

I did not drink too much – in fact not a drop of alcohol passed my lips yesterday.

No, I overate.

I overate cakes and chocolate to be precise. This was a sugar hangover.

Mary introduced us to her friend Dina last year who, among her many other talents, creates incredible spreads and invites lots of people round to enjoy them. And on Easter Sunday, in addition to the tables straining under the weight of scrumptious food, another table was straining under the weight of a variety of scrumptious cakes. Of course there was also the vast number of chocolate eggs hidden around the grounds for the Great Easter Egg Hunt, with further goodies handed out to all the children afterwards.

Maggie had been unwell and was unable to join us, so Dina insisted on loading us up with extra cake to take back to her. What with Rogan and Meg’s vast hoards of chocolate booty, I wondered whether the rear axle of the car would cope with the strain.

Car and children home in one piece, and Maggie beginning to look a little brighter, we decided to devour the remaining cake for supper.

After the children were in bed, Maggie brought out some chocolate treats she’d procured for us earlier in the week. Well, how could I resist?

This morning’s Headache From Hades had me proclaiming, between whimpers, I would never be so foolish again.

That is until this afternoon when I discovered the delights of mini-chocolate eggs skewered on cocktail sticks and dipped in a mug of dark roast coffee...


karatemom said...

oh....a sugar hangover is well worth the pain...I have yet to get any easter chocolate here..

As my boys are so much older now and we live on such a tight budget we will go and purchase a few treats this week at 1/3 the cost ..they don't mind the wait...

I look forward to seeing if I can have a chocolate hangover!

Sounds like it was deliciously worth it!!!

Brave Astronaut said...

I need to stop and get some of the Easter candy that is now surely on sale.

My son is not a big sweets eater (it makes me question paternity) but he did get a small basket yesterday with a small chocolate bunny and some plastic eggs filled with jelly beans.

Through a mouthful of solid corn syrup and coloring, he reported, "these are the best jelly beans I ever had" (all the while they may have been the first jelly beans he has ever had).

Note to self: Find some of those chocolate eggs for my morning coffee tomorrow.

Fat Lazy Guy said...

Ahh, the chocolate/sugar hangover. I wonder if scientists have done any studies on it? It looks like you've found out the only way to cure it is the hair of the dog :D

Sam, Problemchildbride said...

"mini-chocolate eggs skewered on cocktail sticks and dipped in a mug of dark roast coffee."

You evil genius! Never mind tempting us with talk of gateway chocolate - smarties or maltesers, no you're after us to try the hard stuff. That's the sort of chocolate bliss that could wind up sending you to The Priory. You can't fool about with that kind of chocolate treat.

I stuffed myself yesterday. Over the course of the day I estimate I ate a pound of chocolate.

savannah said...

in light of the card i posted today,'s all good!

(those choclate eggs dipped in coffee...*sighing*)

Mary Witzl said...

Awful, wasn't it?

We've begged Dina to go easier on us, but she continues to do overdo it! After you left, we went back for seconds and thirds. Then today, we had another go at it, and I've used up my calorie intake for, oh, the next two months or so. I've got some of the Easter candy stashed away in a Top Secret Spot just now. No way I'm touching it until the next time I am absolutely desperate.

And you are a fine musician, and no, you don't fool us one bit for all your modesty!

Eryl Shields said...

I have about half a kilo of solid chocolate mini-eggs just jumping for a skewering and a dunk. I know what I'm going to be doing tomorrow, oh god! Sam's right, you are an evil genius.

Kim Ayres said...

KarateMom - the pain never feels worth it - it's why I never became an alcoholic: the hangover far outweighed any of the enjoyment of the night before

Brave Astronaut - does your son have teeth yet?

FLG - I've tried to keep going for days on the sugar rush before now, but it always ends in disaster

Sam - why is it one pound of chocolate can make us put on three pounds in weight? With that kind of energy conversion there must be a way of creating greener energy via chocolate consumption if we can just get the boffins to focus on it.

Savannah - that is a great card :)

Mary - I'll take your compliment about my playing with good grace - I'm a complete sucker for flattery. But Mr Witzl has a fine sense of musicianship too and clearly underestimates himself. And next time, I want to hear your fiddle playing

Eryl - Maggie produced another bag this morning - it's even finer with a double espresso

Canadian Girl said...

Kim, you're a genius - skewered chocolate eggs dunked in coffee! Mmmmm! It made me think of one of my emergency chocolate snack fixes: a dried apricot with three or four chocolate chips tucked inside (where the pit was removed) warmed in the microwave for about five seconds, just enough to make the chocolate melty!

Mr Pineapples said...

Not funny

Carole said...

I'm a little suspicious of your friendships anymore. They all call you a genius for putting chocolate in coffee? Coffee is one of the nastiest tastes I've ever encountered and to dunk chocolate in it? How did you acquire the taste (no not for chocolate, for coffee)?

iLL Man said...

Never had a sugar hangover. Didn't think it was possible........

Coffee & chocolate rule. Not in the one cup particularly, but a cup of Douwe Egberts and a Kit Kat.....nice. Carole, secret to coffee - milk and loads of sugar.

karatemom said...

ooh well in that case ..I am so sorry ..make sure that next year remember this then ..and enjoy easter treats in tiny increments :=)

Kanani said...

the whole cake? over supper? I mean, for supper?

Yikes, that would give me a hangover, too!

Kim Ayres said...

Canadian Girl - dried apricot? Hmm, a healthy alternative

Mr Pineapples - my apologies, I had no idea my entire life ought to be devoted to your approval. I might have just deleted a comment such as yours, but it is so full of wit and humour I am humbled. Please email me a list of things you find funny and things you don't forthwith.

Carole - You're absolutely right - coffee does taste vile, however it makes me feel alive for an hour or so, therefore I have come to enjoy it immensely.

Illman - attaining a sugar hangover is not for the casual user. It takes years of dedication to build up to it

KarateMom - no chance of tiny increments - it tends to be all or nothing in this house...

Kanani - not a whole cake I'm afraid - just more slices on top of the several slices earlier

Mr Pineapples said...

Working on My list, but one thing P does NOT find funny is:


They can make P very upset.

Are you a beardo wierdo?

Hope not

Kim Ayres said...

Ho ho ho, Mr P is so hilarious with his 3rd person commentary. However, if he doesn't like beards it seems astonishing that he's bothered to come to a site such as this when there are millions of sites out there containing little boys for his amusement

PI said...

I'm moving to Scotland and can join the sinners. I too wandered from my strictish regime although there were no Easter eggs as the children come next week. But MTL hoards all the things I shouldn't eat - some of which I yearn for. It's very hard!

Kim Ayres said...

Then again, we could all descend to the West Country, Pat.

In fact I have family in South Devon so should look for an excuse :)

Sayre said...

My head hurts just thinking about it. Glad Maggie's feeling better though!

MikeP said...

Do you celebrate May Day? Since Easter was too early this year, I'm hoping to encourage it as an alternative chocolate bunny feast day this year.

Also, I like Baileys in my coffee on occasion.

michael greenwell said...

are sugar hangovers like the alcohol ones then in that they get worse as you get older?

Kim Ayres said...

Sayre - is this kind of problem more, or less, likely with diabetes?

MikeP - I'm surprised the confectionary industry haven't woken up to the idea of selling chocolate May Poles yet

Michael - probably - in the same way we moved from crashing on mates' floors, to crashing on their sofas, to insisting on using their spare bed, to staying in a nearby B&B when we visit.

The body just can't take the same levels of abuse as we get older

Sayre said...

More. Too much sugar in my system (from either sugar or Carbs) gives me a raging headache and makes me really sleepy at the same time. I know I've overdone it about an hour or so afterwards.

SafeTinspector said...

I had no idea you could get a sugar hangover!
I get fierce headaches from too much chocolate, but other sweets don't affect me at all.

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