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Spring is Here!

I wrote a great long entry yesterday about all the problems I'd had with the mouse I'd bought for my laptop, which followed a tirade about feeling like a techno-wimp because I just couldn't get to grips with using the touchpad.

Then today I was about to write a great long spiel about tearing my hair out while trying to turn my digital camera into a webcam.

But neither of them were really going anywhere- there didn't seem to be a point other than me ranting in a not particularly amusing way, and I don't want to be one of those bloggers who just moans about the world without a) doing anything about it or b) drawing some interesting or amusing observations about it.

Now despite the fact that it's still wet, and fairly cold, the garden has decided that Spring has finally arrived, so I thought I'd nip out and take a photo of the daffodils that have just decided to start blooming.

It clicks through to a larger version, so if Sandy - folk-session mandolin player - is reading this, he can replace his desktop wallpaper from the snow scene he told me he'd lifted from my site a few weeks back.

Somehow it seemed a better use of my time.


Charlie said...

Thanks for the photo, Kim--I'm just about to post a picture of my orange tree in full blossom. Unfortunately, I don't have the computer skills to also upload the incredible smell of the blossoms.

Kim Ayres said...

Well the simple solution is to fly me out to Arizona so I can experience them 1st hand (or 1st nostril).

Anonymous said...

Hi Kim - When I get back to work (now horribly close - Thursday - weather permiting), I'll have to change my snowy desktop for something else. I'm not so sure if daffs are allowed in the hairy, unwashed world of the oilman, so I may just have to go back to the castle up the street - anyway, when people ask about it, it gives me a chance to complain about roof repairs.
A bit off subject but a link you would have been better reading yesterday -


Anonymous said...

Good grief, half me link disappeared, so I'll try again in two halfs.


Attila the Mom said...

What a beautiful picture!

Happy spring, Kim!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful picture... I don't like touch screens at all-so I can feel your frustration.

Kim Ayres said...

Sandy - I was forgetting about the hairy-unwashed-oilmen culture - my apologies - I wouldn't want you getting beaten up over a picture of daffodils.

Perhaps something a bit more heroic like this might be in keeping:

Thanks for the mandolin link - if I'd read it before they revealed it was an April Fool's joke I'd have probably fallen for it.

Atilla and RNP - thank you!

St Jude said...

As the rain is possitively bucketing down here at the moment, and my new back garden is a gravel pit without flowers, your daffs make a welcome feast.

Kim Ayres said...

If you look closely you'll see that the garden path is very wet. I nipped out between showers to take it

SafeTinspector said...

I hate you all. Here in Michigan it is snowing great white flakes onto the dead grass and fallow flower beds.
Spring is yet to spring.

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