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Roots Cahoot Photo Shoot

Last autumn I created a Givember offer for local bands to get a professional photo shoot - you might remember the one I did for Café Largo). Another group that took me up on the offer was Roots Cahoot, who describe themselves as a funk and groove band.

In our initial discussions, an outdoor scene was mentioned, but given the appallingly long, wet and miserable winter we'd been having, I was quick to push for an indoor shoot instead.

As it turned out, the actual day of the shoot was dry and even sunny some of the time, but by then we were committed.

Auchencairn village hall was booked to give us plenty of space to set up. Their idea was to create a sort of semi-domestic scene, where the band would be getting impatient, ready to play, while Nikki and Rebecca were still dealing with chosing and ironing dresses. On the day, this developed into Rebecca doing up her shoes while Nikki was ironing a guitar...

Once I felt confident we had a good image in the bag, I played around with the wide-angle lens to see what variations I might get.

As a quick bonus image we went outside to a wee shelter down in the gardens where I did a close up head shoot. Back at the hall I played with a couple of editing effects to show what could be done and they liked a partially desaturated version, which Rebecca said gave it a Scandinavian Noir look

All in all a fun afternoon with a great bunch of people. I'm looking forward to the next time I get to see them play live.


neena maiya (guyana gyal) said...

And now I'm curious. I'd like to hear them play. Oh, youtube!!!

That title is fun, man, just fun.

Y'know, the photos do show the kind of music they play.

Kim Ayres said...

Neena - I'm looking forward to hearing them play too - haven't heard them yet, but they must be good because they've got a cool looking photo... :)

Theanne Crossett said...

I'm feeling the heat and the beat...look forward to hearing them play too! Great shots Kim, especially like the last one...a bit moody, as I like it :)

Kim Ayres said...

Theanne - thanks. I love a bit of dark and moody too :)

Rebecca said...

Just noticed these wonderful comments! For those of you in the region, we're playing at The Globe Inn, Dumfries at 9pm on Saturday 28th May as part of Maidens of Music. For those of you further afield, maybe one day we'll make it youtube!

Kim Ayres said...

Rebecca - for the 2 commenters above, it'll probably be a wait for Youtube or Soundcloud as Theanne is in the US and Neena's in Guyana. However, according to the my visitor stats, there are more people who read this blog than comment, so someone local might pick up on it :)

Hope you have a great gig on the 28th!

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