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Two Major Celebs in Castle Douglas in One Week

Who’d have thought the wee town of Castle Douglas would have as many as 2 major celebrities visit in one week and both be captured in pixels by yours truly.

Internationally known comedian and film star, Eddie Izzard, is currently doing loads of daily marathon jogs around the country for SportRelief.

I’d heard he was going to be in Dumfries on Wednesday morning, but was off in the other direction doing a photo shoot for an artist. However, late that afternoon, Maggie spotted a camera crew in the car park across the road (we're about 18 miles from Dumfries), so I popped across with Meg to take a look.

Sure enough he appeared 10 minutes later. He had a quick word with the press, and was off again.

I didn’t get to talk to him. I probably could have if I’d tried, as there weren’t that many people about, but I couldn’t think of anything to say. Approaching him just to blurt out, “I think you’re a great comedian, Eddie” just seemed a bit pointless. However, I did manage to take a few photos, this one below being the best of the bunch.

Eddie Izzard running daily marathons for SportRelief

However, this was as nothing compared to the International Woman of Fame who made a detour from her holiday in Largs especially to see me on Thursday.

Daphne Wayne-Bough, of Chocs Away Old Gal drove through torrential rain, winds and floods to spend an afternoon in my kitchen. With a bowl of Maggie’s soup, cups of tea and coffee, and my camera, we had a fun afternoon while I touched her up on my laptop.

I’ll stop before the double entendres get out of hand, and just show you one of the photos I took she rather liked

Chocs Away Old Gal

After showing her the versatility of my tool I think she is toying with the idea of getting one with a telescopic extension for herself.


PI said...

Please note I'm not commenting this week but Eddie and Daphne. WOW!
Daphne looks like a forties film star? - it'll come to me.

savannah said...

fantastic! daphne was at y'alls house! i am impressed and jealous! again! (eryl, the doc, pat...) i have to figure out a way to get some stateside bloggers to visit savannah!!

hope said...

I've always enjoyed Eddie Izzard's comedy, even if I didn't always like the dress he had on at the time. :)
Ironically, he's a great serious actor and I always rent something he's in.

Don't know the other individual but your photo captures a happy soul. You do good work, Sir!

JRS said...

HUGE Eddie fan here who's quite jealous. Nice shots.

Charlie said...

I may need an autograph from you, the fellow who "almost said something to Eddie Izzard."

Kudos for Daphne Wayne-Bough, however. Great photo.

Kim Ayres said...

Pat - over on her blog, she's usually seen sporting a fruit headress...

Savannah - or you'll have to come over to Scotland. I'll get Rogan to make a cake for the occasion and we'll all meet up :)

Hope - Eddie Izzard is one of the finest comedians in the world, but it didn't seem right to yell, "Go on Eddie, tell us a joke!"

And Daphne was even happier once I'd touched her up

Jen - thank you :)

Charlie - so when are you going to find someone to sponsor me to fly out and take your photo?

mapstew said...

Eddie is one of my faves, and Daph looks divine in the light you caught her in!

Well done again that man!

Eryl Shields said...

Gosh, how exciting!

Anonymous said...

Your visit with Daphne sounds perfectly erotic! And Eddie Izzard is one of my favorite comedians, he looks so darn normal there!

Kim Ayres said...

Mapstew - Eddie's one of the best, but if you had the opportunity to quickly say one thing to him before he runs off again, what would you say that he hasn't hear a thousand times before?

Eryl - it was!

Starrlife - erotic? I have no idea what you mean. I'm talking about manipulating images on the computer. What are you thinking?

Conan Drumm said...

Pat, Daphne's photograph reminds me of Joan Sims, stalwart of the Carry On films. Oooh... er Kim, are they related?

Daphne Wayne-Bough said...

Och, I've just got back fae Scotia, and my pineapple is drying out on the sideboard. You naughty man, you make it sound quite saucy when all we did was sit in your kitchen slurping Maggie's lovely soup and nattering. I'm well chuffed with the pictures, you make me look like - well, a forties film star OR Joan Sims, apparently - I'm happy with either. Everybody - Mr Ayres is a charming man and an ace snapper. You could do worse than let him touch you up. Ooh-er, vicar.

Kim Ayres said...

Conan - you're still alive then! You're blog appears to be blocking me. Are you OK?

Daphne - Thank you for your warm words, and it was a delight to slurp soup with you. I'll have to look for an excuse to visit Belgium now :)

Layla said...

That's really cool that you saw them. Me and Poppy met a celebrity on Saturday. The actor who plays Kirk on Coronation street was opening a new store in Alloa. I asked him if I could get a picture of him and Poppy, but I called him Kirk which is quite embarrassing! I don't think you'll know who he is but I sent Holly the photo so next time you see her, ask her.
Layla xx

Kim Ayres said...

Holly showed us on her phone! We did wonder why someone from Coronation Street was opening a Poundstretcher in Alloa, I must admit.

When we were in the carpark to see Eddie Izzard, Meg got all excited because she saw the man who teaches them rugby at school :)

Conan Drumm said...

Kim, I'm still among the living and commenting, but not among the blogging for the time being.

Anonymous said...

Seen under this angle "Daphné" seems to me even more beautiful!

Kim Ayres said...

Conan - as long as you're still with us :)

Crabbers - welcome to my ramblings and thank you for taking the time to comment :)

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