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Pointless inventions: #132645179

Pointless inventions: #132645179

Resealable bags of Maltesers.

I mean, come on. Really?



savannah said...

exactly, but there's probably some PC rule about giving people the ability to not eat all of them at one time. it's probably against the law or some sort of harassment to think otherwise, darlin! xoxox

Brave Astronaut said...

Once I looked up what a Malteser was, I would have to agree.

If it's the lighter way to enjoy chocolate - doesn't that mean you get to eat more of them?

the broken down barman said...

this is a great invention. i kid you not!!! not for the fact that you can reseal your malteasers/minstrels/m&m's etc, but for the fact that once yer finished you can tip the contents of your ash tray into them along with any other small pieces of debris lying about and then seal it up. see!!!!
recycling at its finest. and a good excuse to by some chocolate for the late night drink and cannabis sessions. not that i would condone anything like that.

Eryl Shields said...

I am more likely to buy them in a resealable pack because then I can convince myself I won't eat them all in one sitting.

Kim Ayres said...

Savannah - I think it's more to do with Eryl's comment, and as such is only a devious marketing ploy

Brave Astronaut - do you not get Maltesers on that side of the Atlantic? That surprises me.

Barman - I'm sure it's not what the Mars company had in mind when designing them, but I applaud your creativity :)

Eryl - it reminds me of all those people who take out gym membership, never go, then renew their membership the following year. A case of hope over reality

Z said...

Don't open the bag. It's your only hope.

Tom P. said...

We don't have Maltesers but we have something called Whoppers from the Hershey company that are basically the same thing.

iLL Man said...

Re-sealable you say? I find an elastic band works well. It'll be re-sealable crisps next.

In the hands of adolescent children, such a thing could become a nightmarish weapon of evil.

problemchildbride said...

My kids bought Whoppers for their Saturday treat last week. They tasted like soap and had a horrid gritty texture. A travesty of a Malteser wannabe.

Fat Lazy Guy said...

Hehe. I could understand if it was the big packets, but if it's the kind you buy at the dairy, mate... demolished in one mouthful!

Brave Astronaut said...

Over here we call them Whoppers.

Mary Witzl said...

I'm with Eryl. I'm in denial, and the resealable bag would persuade me that I could master my greed.

PI said...

Kim you are a card and one for which - on a day like this - I am truly grateful for:)

Kim Ayres said...

Z - I can ony not open the bag, if it's not in the same room/ house/ town as me

TomP - I refer you to Problem Child Bride's comment...

Ill Man - nope, I wouldn't have need of an elastic band either

Sam,PCB - so will you be picking up bags of the real stuff to take home next time you're this side of the Atlantic?

FLG - the size of the packet makes no difference

Brave Astronaut - I can ony refer you to Problem Child Bride's comment above

Mary - you must be exactly the kind of person it's aimed at then

Pat - ((hugs))

Kanani said...

Oh.. I can't eat those! Too sweet! And they kind of have a metal taste...

Charlie said...

Illicit drugs come in resealable bags too, but the resealability feature doesn't seem to foster responsible consumption of its contents.

IMO, the only possible advantage of a resealable bag is to keep the ants out--IF you can get the damn thing resealed. Which I usually cannot--an eye/hand coordination problem, I believe.

* * * * *

And thanks, Kim, for the nice comment you made about me on PI's blog. She did, in fact, "come round".

LegalMist said...

I've often found that the products sold this side of the pond are inferior to the similar products available over there. (My husband's favorite humorous saying, which he picked up when he was stationed in Scotland during his stint in the Navy, is: "If it ain't Scottish, it's crap!") Chocolate products, especially, seem to fall into this category for me.

I love Whoppers, and agree that a resealable bag would be entirely unnecessary. If Maltesers are the same only way better, I can't imagine why anyone would think you'd need to reseal them!!

debra said...

Not having a clue what Maltesers are, I did what any parent of a modern teenager does: asked her to Google it.
I was dismayed to see that the website has a page devoted to advertising, called "Ad's"
ARGGGGGH the dreaded apostrophe.
(Not I shall have to go to the import shop to see if I can find these----stay tuned)

PI said...

Kim: if you watch the Pratchett programme see what you make of the four men in white robes whom he called the 'Greek Chorus'.
It completely befuddled me.

Kim Ayres said...

Kanani - I'm afraid I have no sense of "too sweet." I'm also not sure about the metal taste you mention - are you sure we're talking about the same thing?

Charlie - glad you've made contact with Pat, I imagine you could both appreciate the qualities of the other

LegalMist - I wouldn't claim superiority of all Scottish consumables, but I do respect the opinion of Sam, Problemchildbride

Debra - they must have come across your comment. I just popped over to the maltesers website and there is no apostrophe now

Pat - it turned out the DVD we recorded the Pratchett programme on is refusing to be recognised by our player. I'm hoping they repeat it

Sarah said...

depends on the size of the bag of Maltesers. ok, no it doesn't..

on Canada. too cool mate, wish it was B.C. instead, i'd have another reason to make a treck up north!

if you are planning on staying less than 90 days, i do not think you need a visa. also, since you are making the trek as artists... i do believe there are exceptions made there as well - although the rules may have changed.

(i'm so over this california woman that has had 2 litters of babies)

Phil said...

Pointless inventions - Maltesers themselves. The chocolate coating is fine, but they're not full of chocolate - they're full of biscuity stuff with holes in. What a waste!

Give me solid chocolate any day of the week.


savannah said...

ok, so now i'm thinking about solid chocolate cadbury easter eggs, the ones that have the hard know, they look like little robins eggs...(i hate this time of the year!)

karatemom said...

first before i forget...savannah..cadbury mini eggs..and super yumm .i hear ya....

I actually really like the resealable bags.simply can buy the ultra humunga pkg at a fraction of the little ones..which you know you would buy anyways if you couldnt get a ton in a big bag... advice though is this.and I honestly do this.. When I buy these big packages.I always ..get a small container ( not soup bowl) ..and i put some in there..that is my allowance for the treat.. i reseal the pkg. and put it back the counter and out of sight..

And I try to slowly enjoy my container of treats..this really does work kim..

I also used a similar method when trying to cut down my pop consumption from 4 litres of pop a day ..i stopped buying the big bottles ( even when cheaper and bought cans)..
I found i drank more from the bottles because i didnt want the left over to go flat in the fridge.

using cans..I could put 2 or 3 in the fridge at a time.and instead of pouring a whole can into a glass i would open a can pour half..cover the other half place it back in the fridge...this worked..

it has been about 3 years doing this ..and an average work day I have 1 can of pop a day and on weekends i average 3 cans ..a huge decline in consumption.

now off to costco where you can buy a 950gram resealable bag of cadbury mini eggs for a steal of a price !!!!!

Kim Ayres said...

Sarah - it's been all over our news too. Maybe we'll make the West Coast at some point :)

Phil - I'm not averse to some stuff with chocolate. Peanut butter works particularly well

Savannah - which time of year, Winter or Easter(or both)?

KarateMom - I salute your discipline. Knowing a large bag was in the house, a smaller pack would not suffice...

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