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Bramble Crumble Recipe...

Following my last entry, Bstrong ( wondered if I’d publish my wife’s bramble crumble recipe. I thought it would be pretty straightforward until, while we were eating breakfast this morning, I casually asked Maggie how it was made. This turned out to be far more challenging than I could have guessed.

The problem is not that my wife is secretive with ancient family recipes, only handed down between mother and daughter since the time before the Romans invaded Britain. No, the problem lies in the fact that she is one of these cooks who rarely measures anything – nearly everything is done by eye and instinct.

When I try to follow recipes from books, I get fed up with the lack of complete information in them. It’s not just a case of wondering how to convert Fahrenheit into Celcius, but things like ‘how to turn the oven on’ that are missing from these texts.

Maggie, on the other hand, sees recipes as a rough guide only. When asking her about quantities it tends to be “some of this, a bit of that, sprinkle that on the top, mix in a blob of this…” and so on. So trying to pin her down to get enough information to write something that might be of any use to anyone reading this blog has been quite an adventure.

With that in mind, I apologise if you need more to go on, and would suggest that you hand this recipe over to someone who knows what they are doing and you can do your own metric conversions. I’m also unsure if American ounces or pounds are the same as British ones…

  • Rub 4 ounces of butter into 8 ounces of self-raising flour (or a mix of flour and oats), then mix in about 4 ounces of sugar (brown or white – it’s up to you).

  • Place 1 pound of blackberries (or any fruit you want) into an oven-proof dish and sprinkle on sugar (how much sugar gets very vague at this point – “to taste” is my wife’s phrase – as it depends on how sweet or sharp the fruit is – but it could be up to a couple of ounces). Mix it together.

  • Pour the flour/butter/sugar mix onto the top and place into an oven for about 40 minutes (or “until it looks ready…”) at Gas Mark 4 or 5

Serves one to six people, depending on your lifestyle.

Serve with thick fresh cream, or good quality vanilla ice cream. Eat until nearly sick and have gained several pounds in weight.


BStrong said...

Thank you and my children’s dentist thanks you. Sounds like one will get their total calorie intake for the week in one sitting. You might want to look over your shoulder every once in awhile, the Weight Watchers hit men may have you in their crosshairs.

Sounds delicious and vary similar to my wife’s apple crunch dessert.
PS. My wife can bake without measuring things; I tried to bake sugar cookies only on instinct once and the darn things took on the characteristics of a Frisbee, literally. The bottoms were concave and we were able to toss them approx. 65 yards.

Belovedlife said...

The not measuring things is a girl thing...only those blessed with the art of baking and cooking can hand over such a recipe and have it come out good. Guess what we are having over the weekend.... The recipe is very similar to my apple crunch...let you know how it turns out...:) Yummy!

Kim Ayres said...

I look forward to hearing how it turns out! You'll need to post your apple crunch recipe somewhere.

Thanks for leaving comments on some of my other postings too!

Belly said...

having been raised in a kitchen where recipes were suggestions and measuring was a guideline I fully understand and plan to make it as soon as possible!

Yum! :D

Thanks and cheers!

Natalia said...

YUM...That sounds amazing.


Kim Ayres said...

After such a response, maybe I should forget about this blog and set up one based on indulgent food. Perhaps it would compliment my Losing a Hundredweight blog

Amanda said...

Mmmmm...sounds delicious!!!! I think you SHOULD make an indulgent blog to complement the weight loss blog...that would be hilarious!!! ;)

Julana said...

Yes, I'd like to see the indulgent food blog and the losing a hundred weight blog together.

That is exactly how the cheap women's magazines over here work: Family Circle and WOmen's Day. THey're always about recipes and losing weight. Keeps them in business, and us running in circles. :-)

Kim Ayres said...

I'm sure there must be blogs out there already that specialise in indulgent recipes.

However, if you have not come across her before, I suggest you check out the queen of gastro-porn, Nigella Lawson's website. (

Just choose 'chocolate' from her 'main ingredient' drop down menu and see how many delightful recipes appear.

Kiss goodbye to the idea of ever having a waist size smaller than your chest again.

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