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New Beginnings Challenge - and Episode 40 of Understanding Photography with Kim Ayres

New Beginnings seemed like an obvious idea for the January photo challenge for the podcast. New Year Resolutions are always popular at this point – as we mark the turning of the year we look to how we might set about changing and improving our lives.

In some ways it feels even more so for this year, given 2020 felt so much like 'a life on hold' for many people – something we just had to get through, while plans were abandoned or at least postponed. But with the vaccine now starting to roll out, the hope is it might not be too long now until we can do the things we've been unable to because of Covid-19.

But it's not just as simple as picking up from where we left off last March (UK time). The world is a different place. We are different. We cannot go through an experience such as this and remain the same. Our hopes, dreams, and priorities have shifted - some subtly, while others far more dramatically.

Of course, this happens all the time anyway, regardless of pandemics. Life gives us experiences – good and bad – and these change our outlooks, and therefore what we look forward to.

However, while we might sometimes be aware of this on an individual level, the global impact of the Corona Virus has led to more of a shared, communal understanding for many, that some things we thought were so important, really aren't, and other things that were barely a concern are now much more at the forefront of our thoughts.

New beginnings can, and do, happen at any time. But with seasonal and global reminders more prominent just now, why not make it a theme for our monthly photo challenge?

If you would like to take part you can submit your image either to the Understanding Photography with Kim Ayres Facebook Group:

or to the Event Page I've set up:

Ideas could include:
Babies - human or animal
Plants - new shoots
Cooking ingredients
Laying out tools before starting a job
Creating sketches and plans
Getting a tattoo to mark your 50th birthday

New beginnings is wide open to interpretation, but what I would also like from you is the story behind your photo – why did you choose to submit that particular one, and what does it mean to you?

But if you find you're struggling, then submit a photo you're having difficulty with and explain the problem and I can include suggestions and ideas in the podcast too.

If you think you'd like to give it a go, then do submit your image to the FB group or event page, or if you're not on FB, then email me your image and you can watch my response the following day on the YouTube recording, which will also be posted here on this blog.

Meanwhile, here is last night's episode, where I talk about one of my most popular shoots ever, the "Peaky Blinders" inspired shoot at a derelict warehouse, with 10 people in 1920s outfits, smoke bombs, and a horse...


0:00 - Welcome, what's coming up, greetings and comments
6:55 - Story behind the "Peaky Blinders" inspired photo shoot at Rosefield Mills in Dumfries
30:05 - Quick tip about photographing horses
33:08 - Photos used in Dumfries & Galloway Life Magazine
35:40 - Critique of images submitted to the Facebook Group, "Understanding Photography with Kim Ayres"
1:34:35 - Coming up next week - the "New Beginnings" Challenge
1:39:00 - End

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